29 January, 2010

A Secret Tunnel

This article could have been written by The Onion.

So secret is this Dubai traffic tunnel, that an RTA representative didn't know about it.

"We may have announced this already, but I'm not aware of it," said the official. "It sounds like it will save drivers a lot of time."

There's a hardly-used vehicular underground tunnel located between Burj Khalifa and Sheikh Zayed Road which, when used, bypasses the shenanigans caused by the roadworks on the Defence Roundabout.

This diagram, courtesy of Gulf News' Xpress, shows the location.

Be quick now - go find it before everyone else does!


Anonymous said...

The Mystery Tunnel! Like many other people who work in the Emaar Sq area, I 'found' the tunnel on the first day it was opened. On that day, the access roads to ES were changed, no direction signs anywyere so I ended up going through the tunnel not knowing where it was going to take me, winding up past the Marooj in a queue of baffled motorists doing a u-turn to attempt to get back where I came from.

Anonymous said...

do you understand arabic? Could you help me translate a short arabic song i found on youtube?

Bridget Jones said...

Where's everybody?

Anonymous said...

Bridget, they're in the tunnel :)

Dubai Jazz said...

Now I know where to go for a little ....... wait, never mind.

B.D. said...

Some planning guru has figured out that these kinds of tunnels help the traffic flow--a lot of these mysterious little tunnels can also be found around Internet and Media cities. The trouble is that whoever is in charge of directing people to these tunnels are very slow on the job.

BuJ said...

don't frigging diss the onion!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yea i did discover the mysterious tunnel by mistake one day...just like the first post...and had to go back since i work in emaar square and not DÌFC.

It is quite convenient though, especially for people who want to go from let's say shk zayed road (travelling direction sharjah) to DIFC in 3 minutes without stops and traffic lights.

And yes, there is hardly anybody using it.

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