21 March, 2010

Dubai issues 'alcohol in food' ban to hotels

An exclusive in Arabian Business reports that Dubai Municipality has issued a letter stating that "the use of alcohol in the preparation and cooking of food, and the display and sale of food containing alcohol was strictly prohibited".

But...it's another of the 'issue-a-statement-rethink-issue-a-clarification' actions.

It caused "mass confusion in the industry leading to officials to rethink the ban. They are now set to issue revised restrictions on Tuesday, sources said".

Arabian Business has the report here.


BuJ said...

so what?

that hasn't changed the quality of my dining at all.

by the way, hate to break it to ya, but :

food + alcohol + heat = cooked food + no alcohol

Seabee said...

True BuJ, but even if the alcohol is burnt off the flavour remains - which is the point of including it.

BuJ said...

oh, but let's not be naive, the koran bans alcohol and not the flavour it leaves behind!

what's next?

-chemical labs
-oil refineries
-any hydrocarbon that can be potentially converted into alcohol

does this continue to other types of hydrocarbons? what about benzine or desiel? why don't they ban the sale of food and drink at petrol stations because of the alcoholic "fumes" from the pumps?

i think DM needs a sensibility check before they go around banning things, and the general public needs to put things in perspective before crying wolf.

the real nick said...

BuJ for president!

Anonymous said...

Hey hey hey, wait a minute. Buj I doubt you understand Islamic jurisprudence and I also doubt that you have read the Quran, Ahadeeth (Sayings of the Prophet) etc.

Because for us muslims its a non-issue, because 'alcohol' has been clearly called as unclean and dirty ("NAJAS") in the Quran. Because of the same reason a lot of muslims prefer to buy non-alcoholic perfumes too.

Now with due respects to you Buj, flavour or no flavour, would you or any one else prefer something solid to eat over which first just a drop of urine has been poured and evaporated by applying high heat? you know why not? it is because you consider urine dirty (not just a mixture of some chemicals, live organisms and water).....similarly we consider alcohol to be dirty too.

Now if you think that the solid food that I mentioned above is okay to eat than yes Dubai government is wrong - otherwise they are respecting their religion something which they are entitled to do.

samuraisam said...

On fark someone posted this link: http://www.ochef.com/165.htm

BuJ said...

surely no good can come out of someone that starts a sentence with "hey hey hey".. especially if they do not bother to use a name of some sort.

typical of the weirdos you see online.

you just stopped short of calling me a non-believer. i bet you heard what you thought was god talking to you in your sleep and you were warned about infidels like me, no?

alcohol is not najas.. instead najas is something u need to wash after touching. like urine and shit.. i never heard of an islamic requirement to wash after touching alcohol, even say for medicinal use.

But let's be honest, you made just one good point.

That point is that Saudi Arabia is not for normal moderate folk like me.

BuJ said...

btw, Sam, that is a very interesting article!! i dunno how scientifically robust it is, but it makes a good point!

The Real Nick.. why support my presidency when i can easily rig the votes? hehe

that's a joke, ok, so don't kill me for it!

Anonymous said...


uh oh. Very serious error to assume that whoever does not think like you is not a follower of the same religion as you.

And very offensive to label something 'dirty' and compare it to bodily waste.

You would like Dubai governement to be more 'respectful' to what your interpretation of your religion is. What the govt wants has been clear ever since pubs opened here :)

What I know of religion - most rules have interpretations which vary according to how strict the follower is. I said strict, not how good.

And what I know of rules is that they need to be followed in spirit (!) rather than in letter. Rules exist because they are trying to concisely make a point. If you make them an end in themselves, no one wins.

Just as having bruises on your knees from kneeling in church all day will not make you a good christian human. Just as dipping your head in the Ganga will not make you a good hindu human.

Anyone who practices rather than believes has trouble with this concept.

Anonymous said...

Alcohol is evaporated at 78 degrees Celsius. Water evaporates at 100 degrees, and chicken is cooked at 82 degrees.

It is pretty obvious if you passed 9th-10th grade chemistry.

Susan said...

BuJ for president!

Californian said...

Alcohol made many people homeless in USA. It is a good decision.Alcohol should be banned.

Proud Emirati said...

Alcohol is not najas, its rejs.

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