16 March, 2010

Google Earth blocked?

The Google Earth application appears to be blocked via Etisalat connections at the moment.

Anyone else experiencing this problem?

More here: http://www.pprune.org/middle-east/408823-google-earth-blocked.html

Thanks to anon for tip


BuJ said...

yep. we can't get it to work for 3 days now.
what's the matter?
yeah, we'll allow VoIP (with a bucketload of redtape) yet silently block google?


wake up TRA

Anonymous said...

Maybe TRA got paranoid and considered it a security risk? you can see areas in Google Earth where photography is banned (palaces etc)

alexander... said...

Seems to be a technical SNAFU rather than an attempt to block.

Replace your Tools, Connections, use automatic configuration script with:


And GE works fine.

Google and Etisalat have both been very slow to react to the problem.

the real nick said...

It's been blocked because it shows Israel.

hemlock said...

now you've dunnit nick :/

you'll get the CB blocked cuz of the "I"-word
(speak no evil, boy!)

a question of a question said...

Hemlock / TRN - get a room!

blue-eyed floozy said...

Still blocked/unavailable for me.

Ahmed Saidawi said...

Now its working fine with me,,,,seems it not blocking thing,,,its more a technical problem....

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