02 August, 2010

Blackberry dumbphones

Assuming the BlackBerry ban isn't mere saber rattling, is it not disgusting that consumers will have to bear the costs of the TRA's decision to ban BlackBerry services?

Not only the cost of devices, but for companies and individuals to swap over to different devices?

It is absolutely not enough that the TRA require du and Etisalat to provide services in place of devices we've all already paid for;
"Both telecommunications operators – Etisalat and du – were informed of the decision earlier today. The notification was delivered with an instruction to ensure minimal consumer disruption in the provision of alternative services." (from www.tra.ae)
So where are the calls from Etisalat and du arranging delivery of our new phones that haven't had their feature-list suddenly cut in half overnight?

If this all turns out to be a failed attempt by the TRA to try and force RIM to co-operate with ridiculous laws who will refund consumers that went and bought new devices in the belief that BlackBerry services would be banned?

Given the absolutely atrociously ridiculous cost of on-the-fly 3G data in the UAE we're all going to end up "forking over yet another ton of money to Etisalat and du once again" (so common that we can henceforth abbreviate it to FOY-ATOM-TEA-DOA)

Also, at a time like this, let us not lose sight of the General Policy for the Telecommunications Sector in the State of the United Arab Emirates:
"3.3 Become the Regional ICT Hub
The Government will support the development of the UAE as a regional ICT and telecommunications hub by:
3. Ensuring a secure environment in telecommunication applications and usage, including information security and network security, authentication, privacy and consumer protection by developing Policies and Regulatory Framework for this subject."

So to ensure that the UAE becomes a regional ICT Hub by "ensuring a secure environment", the TRA's grandmaster plan is to ban anything that is a secure environment?

With front page CNN, BBC, Slashdot, New York Times the UAE is sure set to become the regional ICT hub in about minus 8000 years. What will the TRA find reason to block tomorrow in its continuous quest to 'protect consumers'? Skype?

Is it little wonder companies like Skype have set up shop in Bahrain and not the UAE?

Will the TRA use this extremely sound reasoning:
Blackberry data is immediately exported off-shore, where it is managed by a foreign, commercial organization. Blackberry data services are currently the only data services operating in the UAE where this is the case. (from www.tra.ae
to start blocking services which are managed overseas and are encrypted like Gmail? Will the TRA start outlawing all encrypted communications including https websites so we can no longer use banking facilities in a secure manner?


Faiz Baig said...

Reasoning is reasonable-> In current form, certain Blackberry services allow users to act without any legal accountability, causing judicial, social and national security concerns for the UAE.

Anonymous said...

well said...

while the world is using the best of the technology and developing... we on the other hand ban the technology because its very secure!!!!

I dont think they will dare do it... because the consiquenses are huge... specifically to businesses more than users... as they invested so much into the technology with servers and devices and monthly subscriptions.

the company I used to work for in Dubai had over 300 Blackberry users!!!!

plus I feel sorry for the prices people pay for 3G services in Dubai.. in Saudi Arabia its way cheaper.

lets sit and find out the outcome.

Susan said...

Reasoning is NOT reasonable - the bad guys will find ways round - they always do, everyone else will be screwed.

Anonymous said...

its banned and you cant do anything about it so stop complaining.

also if u notice ppl are turning into zombies with their eyes glued to the phone...so it good they've banned it

its almost like the matrix...their whole life is in a cyber world except when it comes to bathrroms and lunchtime

Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself. I shit with my iPhone daily.

Faisal Haji said...

I agree with the decision, the ban was in discussion for years now, but because it is widely used now (BB), the issue caught more attention. I believe that this decision is merely an act of privacy and country's jurisdiction acts. I believe that if UAE becomes a hub and manages its data, then the information is still within the countries boundaries and all laws are applied. Also, I would feel safer to have my information handles in the UAE rather than Canada (a country that found confidential home land security papers in a trash bin in front of a strip club more than once in the past year.)
One other thing, CNN and BBC are making it sound like it is privacy violation, although USA and the UK manage their own data from RIM. Talking about double standards!

Mme Cyn said...

C'mon, Sam -- the Wastafarians in this country won't permit the ban. October is a long way away....

AH said...

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