18 August, 2010

Strings Lab – First iPhone & iPad Game

My first iPhone & iPad game has just been released in the App store and I’m really excited. It is a special feeling to see an idea transformed into an actual product.

The game itself is a blend of two things I have always enjoyed open ended games and physics. In the game you are in charge of a Strings Labs and your objective is create as much energy as possible. You can create Quantum Strings, Photons and Gravitons and watch them interact and create more complex elements. You are also given a few tools to facilitate specific interactions.

Since it is a sandbox type game, I will keep the how-to to a minimum a let the gamer figure out stuff as they play, but I will be posting hints and tips here (amiri.hub.ae) from time to time.

The game comes in two falavors:

  • Free Ad Supported Version (iPhone Only) – Link Here

  • Full version (iPad and iPhone) – Link Here

Here are a few screen shots, and let me know what you think. If you like the game, a positive rating and/or review on iTunes is highly appreciated.

And since this is a shameless plug for my app, here are a few promo codes for the full version of the game:

  • PTFXER63A4N6
  • YX4R96FTN67E
  • F7XAA3HA7T7K
  • KFJFE733FW9P


Anonymous said...

congratulations!! well done!

Lirun said...

where did everyone go? no more posts?

a question of a question said...

Hesham - did your game kill UAECB?

Paraglider said...

Nicely done Hesham, and congrats for seeing it through to production. I can't play it, not having the iphone/pad hardware, but the graphics look good. Far better than my one and only attempt at programming a black holes game.

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