07 August, 2010

Saudi BB ban lifted?

The UK Daily Telegraph is reporting that "Saudi Arabia and the makers of the BlackBerry smartphone have reached a deal to prevent a ban on the phone's messenger service."

The report says:

The agreement, which involves placing a BlackBerry server inside Saudi Arabia, would allow the government to monitor users' messages and allay official fears the service could be used for criminal purposes.

A Saudi regulatory official said tests were now under way to determine how to install a BlackBerry server inside the country.

The story's here.

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Expat Arrivals said...

In the end, Saudi Arabia and the developers of BB, Research in Motion, came to an agreement where Research in Motion would work to create technology where the Saudi government could collect the data they needed. That was back in August and you can read more details here at the Expat Arrivals Guide to Keeping in Touch in Saudi Arabia

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