04 August, 2010

Dubai Police Virtual Training?!

The Dubai Police Force is looking for a game developer to help them create a virtual training program for their department, according to a Gamasutra job posting.

There aren't a lot of details about what exactly the police department wants the "serious game" to do, but they job opening is for a CryEngine Game Developer and that the developer will report to Dr. Ahmed Bin Subaih, the department's head of the virtual training section.

Requirements include experience with artificial intelligence and multiplayer games and the job pays $70,000 and include health and transportation for the employee and family.

Looking at what appears to be a screenshot from the initiative, I'm intrigued by what the virtual training program could be. It looks like it will include pretty detailed environments and, perhaps, a third-person point of view.

More here: The Dubai Police want you to make a game for them (Kotaku)


Anonymous said...

Dubai Police Crysis running at 100 FPS

Lirun said...

http://corporate.corbomitegames.com/ i like the looks of this company

Nicky said...

I'll be the first person to download the cracked version of the whole game ;)

Police recruitment said...

This is great! It's good thing that authorities are planning a law enforcement preparation to keep the street peaceful and safe.

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