09 August, 2009

007 on 5,000 a month

UAE implicated in Iran election trial

As Iran resumes mass trials of opposition activists and protesters, a detainee pleads guilty to spying for the United Arab Emirates and conducting intelligence work for the US. Reza Rafiyi-Forooshani, who was arrested over the course of Iran's post-vote unrest, was put to trial in Iran's Revolutionary Court on Saturday.

In a report published by Fars News Agency, Rafiyi-Forooshani admitted to having conducted espionage activities for the Intelligence Ministry of the neighboring UAE, located across the Persian Gulf from Iran.

He also confessed to passing information to an Iran policy planner at the US State Department through a monitoring post, reportedly set up in Dubai in 2006. Rafiyi-Forooshani named Jillian Burns, the first director of the Dubai office, as his handler for the US State Department. "I worked for two years for the UAE's intelligence service and received an amount of 5,000 Dirhams (UAD) per month," the defendant said.

"I sent the requested information through mobile calls; of course most of the data were my personal views and not specific information." He has also reportedly provided information on the effects of sanctions on Iran and the country's election-related issues for Nazi Beglari, a journalist working to US-funded VOA news channel.


Of course, these are the show trials of the regime in Iran, desperate to cling to power, trying to direct Iranian anger at those thieving Arabs across the Unicorn Gulf. The UAE is sending its top agents into Iran in order to steal the recipe for Chelo-Kabab and Doogh Yogurt drink. It is unknown if the defendant was charged 7,000 dirhams per month by etisalat, leading to the backfiring of the spy operation.


Dubai Jazz said...

Yes. Because Rafiyi-Forooshani was totally cool with the status quo and the elections until the UAE intelligence services came along and enticed him with money..... Give me a break.

It's not a new tactic for the authoritarians to parade their dissent and their 'confessions' on TV and media. And also, note how there is a kind of blame-it-on-the-Arabs attitude from both sides (with the other camp claiming the Basij beating on the opposition were arabs)

fellow atheist said...

This has got to be one of the funniest ongoing trials today. Of course it isn't so funny when you are on the receiving end of it.

The once great Persian empire, that gave the early Arabians literature when all they had was terse poetry, philosophy and medicine.. now is down on its knees with this absolute idiocy.

How the world goes round and round.

rosh said...

man! 5 grant a month? pftt..c'mon now. some things just get ridiculous by the season..it's sad what's happening to Iran.

Anonymous said...

He should have worked for MI5 would have been paid properly - anyone interested can apply here:


No seriously u can!

BuJassem said...

a banksman at a construction site might be looking at 5000 AED... oh and btw, what's a UAD? pffft

Iran is a lovely country and all, but enough is enough!

Give us the 3 islands back, plus interest for lost rental income since 1971.

Emirati said...

I believe the UAD is the currency of the ukraine.

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