04 August, 2009

Abu Dhabi Magic

Amusing story from the weekend:

Abu Dhabi // Two men have been arrested after offering to double an undercover agent’s money using a magic powder, the Ministry of Interior said yesterday. The suspects, Africans identified as SLD, 32, and ASN, 33, are accused of claiming that a “magic blend” sprinkled over banknotes contained in a bag would double the amount. Laboratory tests showed that the powder consisted of flour and washing powder. “It is all absurd,” said Col Maktoum al Sharifi, the director of the Criminal and Investigative Directorate (CID). “They would put some of the powder on the notes they want to double. They would then put the notes in a bag and ask their victims not to open the bag until the blend takes effect.” The usual method was to give the victims, most of whom came from the northern emirates, an initial “demonstration” of the powder’s inflationary properties before being asking them to hand over a larger number of notes. However, that money would be switched with fake notes that would then be covered with the powder and closed in the bag.

Just goes to show that all that glitters is not gold, even in Abu Dhabi!

Two held over ‘magic powder’ cash fraud


Paraglider said...

Does it double the size of anything else or just money?
Could be a market for that in Bur Dubai...

Anonymous said...
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Curious said...

Apparently the police department has a dedicated department that tackles such stupid crimes involving magic... I would be an hilarious read if someone inside blogs stuff from there everyday! :)

Anonymous said...
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Etisalat anti-fan said...

Isn't that what Etisalt does when you approach them up about any problem? Sprinkle some fairy dust over the item and say "it's fixed"

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A Blessing in Tragedy,


I believe people here would agree with me on this.

rosh said...

ABIT, why do you have Ann's picture as your profile pic?

samuraisam said...

ABIT: You have been banned for impersonating another user which is against the rules.

omer said...

Somethings never change. Dxb police should take a print ad to stop this nonsense. Have been reading of this grfit for ages!

unJane said...

blog administrator is sure busy

rosh said...

ABIT says:

"How have I impersonated another member? My name CLEARLY says A Blessing In Tragedy. I simply chose a picture to be my avatar from a picture I found online, just as any other person does. If it were a picture of Angelina Jolie you wouldn't have an issue with it. I have no idea who's picture it is, and it isnt copyrighted. If it is, the copyright holder may contact me with proof and I will remove it.

Simple. So why have I been banned?"

Mr ABIT, you chose Ann's true picture, from her blog. You know who Ann is, you've commented several times on her blog. Do you not have the fortitude to back your views/ thoughts using YOUR legal name and / or YOUR true face picture -- instead chose to post YOUR views / comments using another respected blogger's picture.

I'd think if you use Angie's picture to post potentially provocative comments in blogworld, you'd be in trouble.

What is it you're not seeing here Mr ABIT.

(...that wasn't a question) Enough with the silly drama, seriously.

samuraisam said...

The rules state that impersonating a user is prohibited; furthermore writing messages that are intended to deliberately confuse readers are prohibited--you have deliberately chosen the avatar of someone else which creates confusion amongst users

You may also notice that many of the rules are specifically to stop harassment of this kind and I can see you have harassed this person via their blog (and other people via their blogs) I can see no reason why you shouldn't be banned for this behavior.

Anonymous said...

LOL ABIT, seems like your blessing has resulted in utter tragedy for yourself. Get back to your job if you have one, because this as a blessing from Mr Fate himself to get back to your life.

samuraisam said...

"So you, worthless king boy of the blog, are banning me for stuff I may or may not have done on OTHER blogs? Makes sense.

Isnt what I do on another person's blog heir business? Or are you to blogs what America is to the world now?"


"That being said, I will NOT change my avatar unless, 1. I get tire of it, or 2. someone who owns the copyright/likeness approaches me to do so."
Then you do that.

"And that is what you and Sam do? When you 2 do I will as well. Dont preach what you dont practice."
That isn't my opinion, that is Rosh's opinion. 90% of users here blog under anonymity and that is their right and I don't have a problem with it.
What I do have a problem with is your continued harassment, using people's avatars and all the rest of the crap you have done.

Understand this: you are the one in the wrong here and you are in absolutely no position to challenge the rules--you have previously broken them several hundred times over by posting pornography, death threats and harassing and threatening people (this is aside from your behavior on other blogs which is also alarming)

In an ideal world you would have been permanently banned long, long ago however the blogger platform does not allow me to ban individuals so I can't really do anything except disallow your comments however I am not the only person moderating comments, so sometimes someone might come along and allow some of your comments when I really wish that they didn't.

rosh said...

Mr ABIT, you have the sensibilities. You're in the red. You're a male aren't you -- perhaps you'd want an avatar of the same-sex eh..and, my name is rosh.


Anonymous said...

ABIT is a tool. He has repeatedly harassed me via my blog and through e-mail. Thank God he's banned.

samuraisam said...

"Sam, I am not in the wrong. And I have NEVER threatened anyone"

I seriously cannot believe you are saying that, that you actually have the audacity and nerve to say those words--need I remind you of these comments you left on this blog:

"rape rape rape everyone! I dont care about age either. thats what women were created for! RAPE! YEAH!" (from 15 April, 2007 20:21)

" One day we'll meet and right before I deport your fag ass I will carve a sweet sweet song into your face. you'll remember me forever!" (15 April, 2007 19:58)

"In the UK, and blah blah, you arent there fuckturd, GET IT THROUGH YOUR FUCKING SKULL BEST I BEAT THE LIVING FUCK OUT OF YOU AND RAPE YOUR WIFE AND OR SISTER." (15 April, 2007 20:06)

"I hope he runs over a bunch of english people. and when he does he should be given a medal for getting that filth off of the streets.
Ah, I long for Hitler and the SS. would have gotten rid of the jews, english, and french. I cry every night because that didnt happen. Sniff sniff!" (15 April, 2007 20:08)

"My frikkin email address is my FULL NAME. I have a few domains in MY REAL NAME, see, unlike you, I can be reached without a sweat, I back up my words with myself. You hide behind your PCs and act like Gods while so scared that someone is going to rape your children and deport you that it's funny.

Come on, all I'm asking is to rape your children, is that so bad?" (18 April, 2007 16:11)

"you're so lame it's funny. fucking your 9 year old girls would be too humane! you and your cyber warrior attitude. of course you're a tough guy on here, lets see how tough you are in person as I assrape your wife in front of your eyes and then kill you my cutting your dick out!" (18 April, 2007 18:40)

"Even though I'd beat the living shit out of you and have you jailed forever if I ever met you"

Shit. Only yesterday you left this comment on my own blog:
"As for you not being the victim of a crime, there is still time. ;-)"

So no, I don't really see how you are not in the wrong here. Forgive me for having read your comments and perceived that you were attempting to threaten people.

"YOu claimed that I impersonated someone, Look up the word in a dictionary, I have not. Nor did I change my comments in such a way that would confused her hippy mentality for mine"
Too bad. As per my definition of the term you have attempted to impersonate someone.

"And I have NEVER threatened anyone, just stated my opinion that torture, rape, murder, are viable solutions to some issues. Or are YOUR opinions the only ones allowed?"
Read the rules:
Obscenely-hateful, obscenely-racist and comments inferring violence against other users are against the rules.

Anonymous said...


ABIT should be handed the jerk-o-the-year award.

Al-ain Rose said...

Things shouldn't be taken seriously in this 'virtual' community. You are kids,kids are even saner. Get a life, keyboard warriors!

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