09 August, 2009

Dubai Healthcare City

It seems like some of the buildings at Dubai Healthcare City are affeced by the poor building quality.
During a recent visit I took those photos: (yes that black thing on the left is a hole)


KJ said...

To think of what creeps into that hole!

Anonymous said...

So it's on par with International City and Palm Island quality standard then. Nothing to see here. Move along citi.. err.. resident.

unJane said...

You usually get what you pay for, although some people are just crooks.

Dubai Jazz said...

Hi Hallo Dubai:

Why do you think these defects are peculiar to health-care city?!

fellow atheist said...

I can see the steps around The Walk showing cracks, with some large parts being chipped off. It's really sad, cause it is an otherwise beautifully designed concept.

Greed. Lack of standards. Greed.

the real nick said...

Actually this has little to do with build quality. It is simply the wrong material specified for the wrong purpose (most probably by the architects): this so called "teakwood" sandstone is soft and brittle and is inadequate for use as a plinth at street level.
The cleaners /sweepers probably bashed it vigorously with their brooms for a couple of years and that's the result....

Dubai Jazz said...


It doesn't look like teakwood. More like carrara or something like that. Note the shin at the edge.

BUT, if it's really teakwood, that would be the funniest thing ever!

BuJassem said...

Looool they quickly blamed the architect!

the reason for this problem is that the tenant did not pay the service charge to the developer , which is already 3000% more than the typical norms internationally.

the good thing is that this is not structural and the building will not fall down from it.

Alainet said...

Guys this a natural effect , I think the pictures describe something like water trapped under the layer of the floor it the floor acts like tank, what many construction companies forget is to create a drainage hall or piping system for floor draining. well I think most of Dubai buildings are constructed for show only! ie. Danta building.

BuJassem said...

hello Alain net.. out of interest, what's wrong with the dnata building? it's the old one you're referring to, no? it's surely been here before most of the expats arrived, and in fact the piles (column-like foundations) were so deep, it caused some problems for Dubai metro as it passed under parts of that building.

Such an amazing building in my opinion.. it changed "skin" so many times, even after it was burnt and the design changed too, as well as the use i believe, but it's still there. it's 100% old dubai and i love it!

where's Mr Rosh?

**WatsUpInU@E** said...

It look like plywood or tiles to me. The reson that it's fallen off or contracted could be due to the extreme heat.

Architects/consultants specify/approve materials and designs of the building.

QA/Purchaser made the purchase of the materials to make sure it compliant to the requirement.

I'm sure these damages can be rectified at a cost (it's only how much it will be!)

Quote of the day by watspy :
Any problem that can be solved with money is not an issue :)

dubai properties said...

its true that some of the buildings are not build according to standards

When last time rain came in Dubai almost all the villas and appartments were leaking in Gardens

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