16 August, 2009

Building collapse in Dubai

Twitter user MaliZomg is posting some on-the-scene updates of a building collapse in the UAE (around Abu Hail area)
Click here (http://twitter.com/MaliZomg) to follow the updates.

Khaleej Times: Ten cars destroyed in Deira building collapse
"An eight storey building under construction in Deira, Dubai has collapsed destroying more than ten cars, a police officer said.The building, on Galadari Road next to Ramada Continental Hotel, collapsed at about 4pm and the officer was not able to confirm whether anybody had been hurt in the building collapse but said no workers were believed to be on-site at the time."
The National: Building collapses in Dubai

Gulf News: Building collapses near Al Ittihad Road in Deira


Anonymous said...

Did this actually happen in Dubai?


I just realized I wrote something against Dubai and so will the print media tomorrow morning, which makes us both guilty as charged.

Wow - just wow - bow-wow.

Stained said...

These are one of those things that makes you glad that we are in recession!!! :|

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