19 November, 2009

Blog Rank???

Anyone ever seen this? Came through on my email.



nzm said...

The Lady: where the heck have you been? Your blog is less current than ours! lol.

i*maginate said...

Wow can't believe am in the top 20....how?! LOL!

what's this mean - 'Top Dubai blogs by the number of *incoming links*'

BuJ said...

cool site!!!

darn, i am 74th!! just beaten by Dubaj Jazz, however I comfortably beat:

92nd Dubai Visa Rules and Procedures


Thanks The Lady.

Dubai Jazz said...


What else were you thinking?

I may have a lousy blog, but I knew I will never come anywhere below the 70th ranking!


Paraglider said...

Some of you should worry - according to the site, the Paras (normal & glider) don't even exist! Ah, but I've submitted the site this morning. Watch this space... ;)

Ghost Writer said...

Haha...well I'm 70 something as well :s that's what happens when you only update once every 10 days or so I guess :(

Actually, who cares...we know we ROCK and that's the main thing!

Paraglider said...

Well, they were quick - they've slotted me in at number 100! From here, the only way is up ;)

BuJ said...

lol DJ.. ur blog is not lousy!!! come on, you're just fishing for compliments :P

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