10 November, 2009

TV Casting for new series

Casting now for the three lead roles of a new TV crime series to be filmed in Abu Dhabi starting December 09. If you speak Khaleeji and are preferably a Gulf National, this is a great opportunity. Professional acting experience is not required.

Looking for:
1 x male 45-55 years old, will be the Major (crime investigations) mainly playing office scenes and the
“boss” behind the scenes.

1 x male, beginning 30s for the LEAD ROLE. Must have a police / military / security backround. Knows how to handle weapons, arrests, investigations etc.

1 x male or female, mid 20s – mid 30s, Polixe / military / security background. Will be the team partner
of the Lead Role and will be out there conducting the investigations in the field and chasing / arresting people etc.

All people applying must be able to be free and available for further shootings from Jan until July 2010.
Participants will not be able to have “another job”, as the shooting will be a 5 day a week job.

Casting now! Suitable candidates should email a short bio & photograph to info@speakers.ae


Anonymous said...


I am officer Azeez,

Put your hands up and hand me your keys,

Now down to your knees,

Anonymous said...


Officer L'azeeez

Whatcha gonna do with my keeyz,

When my car is in neece!

Al-ain Rose said...


Anonymous said...

Ok, that has gotta be one of the weirdest requirements I've ever read. Just how hard is it to train someone to handle firearms for an acting gig? Jeez.

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