26 November, 2009

Wishing everyone Eid Mubarak.... :)


Al-ain Rose said...

Happy Eid.

Lirun said...

mabrouk aleikum..

rosh said...

Exquisite. Happy Eid.

Paraglider said...

That's a very fine image. Can you say something about it?

Stained said...

It was taken at the Sheikh Zayed mosque....

Someone in Al Ain said...

happy eid and happy thanksgiving :) wish every body a nice holiday and wonderful time :)

David Jr said...

Hello there, Happy Eid or as they call it here in Malaysia, Selamat Hari Raya.

Malaysia Asia

Anonymous said...

The festival holiday has quickly turned into a nightmare for dozens of workers who were employed in various tile production units in Dubai, when they were informed through SMSes that they were being sacked.


This may not belong in a happy post but the community in the UAE needs to be talk about how it is affected by this meltdown, even if the panic is not justified.

There is such little information coming out that anecdotal evidence becomes very important. I have also posted the same in another link

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