23 November, 2009

A question of Ethics and Sensationalism

My entry into the UAE blogging world was more or less inspired by Secret Dubai Diary; I was sort of a fan of her reporting / blogging style, and was even more impressed by the way she has been maintaining a parallel voice that... (READ ON)

(Also read some comments here.)


Anonymous said...

This is a really weird post and blog entry.

I had to read the comments to realise that the blogger is not quoting SD but quoting from a news report she has quoted/posted from a paper.

This was a good two minutes after I stared at the screen goggle eyed at what the post implied about SD's occupation in Dubai.

Good lord! Please learn the basics of storytelling before you go on to ethics of journalism/blogging. You NEED to clarify on that post that you are commenting on the news she has chosen to post about.

You have happily removed the name of the girl that is in the earlier line which makes it clear.

shansenta said...

@anonymous: The very fact that SD has chosen to publish the excerpt that's sensational, is the reason why the post is written... something at least I did not expect from a respectable blogger like SD.

Kyle said...


Maybe the whole objective behind SD's post was to highlight the moral bankruptcy prevailing amongst humans in this day & age.

Could it be possible that maybe only you found that post sensational while someone else would embrace it from a reality-check point-of-view?

Most importantly, all suspects in focus in this so-called, as you say, sensational case have flunked their ethics test!

Dubai Jazz said...

So Arab men have flunked their ethics test ya Kyle?

Anonymous said...

Since when SD became a respectable journalist? I like her(?) blog but she's always been in the business of digging dirt and making snarky comments.

About as close to a tabloid as we get in Dubai.

Kyle said...

Dubai Jazz:


Relax a bit, will you?

I never generalized about Arab men. My comment was about those men & women or boys & girls that were the focus of this post. I emphasized that when I wrote -- all suspects in focus in this so-called, as you say, sensational case have flunked their ethics test!. Thus, please do not accuse me of ethnic-stereotyping.

Seabee said...

The comments SD posted were from a hooker who publicised herself in a British tabloid newspaper story.

She bragged about the money she's making and the Emirates Palace reference was just one of the stories she told. SD picked that one out to post.

It's a typical lurid, sensationalist story that the tabloids and their readers love. Sadly, SD has for a while been cherry-picking stories like this for her infrequent blog postings.

Dubai Jazz said...

No Kyle, no accusations...

Thanks for the clarification.

Media Junkie said...

certainly gives enough fodder for the Dubai/UAE-bashing camp.

Anonymous said...


I am not getting into what SD is posting (it is sensationalist). I am commenting on the manner in which you have written and edited your post.

You meant to highlight her preoccupation, instead you make it seem like her occupation.

You need to learn editing. And you need to be aware of what you are saying.

anon@ 17.32

Anonymous said...



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