14 March, 2011

Etisalat Efficiency

I'm sure everyone here has ventured to Mall of the Emirates and seen the 50 meter deep queues at Etisalat's outlet.

The majority of these are people paying bills. Bills that could be paid on an electronic kiosk or through an ATM or through the internet. Does Etisalat think to provide electronic kiosks to cut down the queues? No.

Even for a simple transaction like cancelling a 49 AED / month service Etisalat offers no method of achieving this this via the internet or phone; they insist customers drive to an Etisalat office or outlet.

The best question of all... Is why Etisalat has an outlet immediately outside Virgin Megastores and another one immediately inside Virgin Megastores. They both have practically the same amount of staff, are about the same size, and are both just about as useful (i.e. not useful) as one another.

It's a great feeling walking past the 50 meter queue outside to the 10 meter queue inside. I'm not even exaggerating, I've been doing this since they opened this outlet and it works every time. I save countless hours every time I do this, having said this I still waste 30 minutes waiting for the inside counter to be able to serve 3 customers.

Of course, no one should be surprised by this high level of efficiency coming from a company that couldn't notice someone pinching their pockets for two entire years.


Kyle said...

Etisalat with their unlimited checkbook can hire the world's best-of-the best in improving their overall services.

Unfortunately, they're only interested in topping their cookie jar and breaking (idiotic) records.

And that's the story of the UAE's mammoth revenue generator.

unJane said...

We turned in all required docs last September and still await the dhs. 5000 refund of deposit they used to require for roaming service. I know several others in the same boat. Ill-gotten gains :(

Swati said...

I received a bill of AED 22/- several weeks after I cancelled my post paid connection. now one would argue that it could be some unbilled amount at the time of cancellation. But not. Cause I have stopped using the SIM several months before I disconnected it. I visited the MOE branch and apparently I can do everything at the branch like applying for new services or upgrading but i need to go to the Al Khaleej Centre to complain about a strange charge for AED 22/-. I din't bother and I have been receiving a bill for AED 22/- since many months now.

Etisalat makes it so diff to discuss / resolve any dispute. They hope evetyone will feel desperate and pay up and go away!!! and the 101 contact number only leaves you talking to a machine at the other end!

Anonymous said...

unJane and samuraisam, could you please send me your contact details - I am a journalist here and I would like to speak to you. Many thanks, C.

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