13 March, 2011

New scam in town

Guess what?

After the inheritance emails, there's a new scam in town.

A couple of co-workers are getting emails supposedly from the US State Department informing them that they've been selected for the United States Permanent Resident Card. Funny thing is, they never applied for this card in the first place. Go figure.

Below are snapshots of the email they've received from scammers who inform them that there's a processing fee of 880 $ and that it should be transferred to an agent in England through Western Union.

First, that itself raises a caution flag, as State or any other US Government department would never ask for a wire transfer via Western Union let alone appoint an agent on their behalf, as this scammer claims in the email.

Second, US Government Departments use the USPS (US Postal Services) for communicating with individuals.

In case any member or reader has received such emails, treat them as scam and use Google to report this violation/violator to the proper authorities.

Consider yourselves warned.


Her said...

Every time I get such emails, I hit the block/delete button without even reading the contents!

Grumpy Goat said...

Bottom of Page 2: "Under no circumstances your visa status won't be affected by the interview."

What a lot of nonsensical rot.

Kyle said...

Grumpy Goat:

I saw that as well amongst many others. One of the guys that got this email is going to take this scammer head-on. Looks like fun to me - LOL

unJane said...

I don't know why anyone is fooled by this rubbish. Now when will my p*nis enhancement kit arrive?
Oh, and happy to see more activity on this blog!

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