25 March, 2011

More Art....

From the Economist....

THE citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) do not enjoy a vote but they relish a bit of artistic agitation. Earlier this month, Art Dubai, a fair, coincided with the preview of a sprawling group show, the Sharjah Biennial. In the lush ballrooms of Dubai’s Madinat Jumeirah hotel, around 80 galleries from more than 30 countries exhibited their wares. A half-hour drive north, in the bookish, alcohol-free emirate of Sharjah, three curators had installed the work of artists from 36 nations in a range of ruins and cultural heritage buildings as part of a show called “Plot for a Biennial”. For a short while the two emirates were the hub of the contemporary art world.......

Rest of trhe article is here:

Foment of the moment

Even at art fairs democracy is hard to sweep under the carpet


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