12 March, 2011

Nuclear meltdown risk in UAE

I've been constantly following the nuclear plant explosion in Japan post yesterday's earthquake and it brings to mind stories my parents used to tell us about the Three Mile Island episode from back home. It appears no radiation leaked from that site but there were many cases of thyroid cancer amongst other serious ailments.

Considering the UAE is finalizing a deal to build nuclear reactors for peaceful purposes and especially since it is situated on a fault line, I get the jitters about all after affects post explosion, meltdown etc. in case the earth moves at the magnitude (8.9 on the Richter) similar to the current Japanese earthquake.

Will the authorities reevaluate their decision considering the Japanese predicament?


Vacation in Bangladesh said...

Is it not very far from Japan, but hope nothing bad happens.

Faisal Haji said...

That is a legit concern. I think that the head of directors thought it all the way through. I would like to hear comments from the designers and the board of directors to give more information about the safety measures for that plant.

Anonymous said...

Apart from nuclear reactors, I think we should learn many lessons from such catastrophes and the government should introduce early warning systems, shelters, emergency response teams etc.

the real nick said...

No Kyle, the authorities will not reevaluate their decision considering the Japanese predicament.

And if you don't like that, you can always leave ;)

Marketing Consultants said...

Kyle!! I think you are right about this concern. But no one can predict the future and currently we can only do those things which can make help in making good future.....

Kyle said...


And if you don't like that, you can always leave ;)

Haven't read that in a while and I was beginning to miss that line ;)

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