16 March, 2011

The Farmer's Market - Souk al Bahar

It's Friday morning. I've been in Dubai long enough now that I don't accidentally call it Saturday any more. To my right is the aroma of fresh cut herbs and earthy vine ripened tomatoes. To my right, the alluring nutty aroma of artisinal bread. I can't stop myself from running my fingertips across the tops of outstanding and upstanding chives - a welcome change to the droopy, supermarket-refrigerated version. And I am staring at the Holy Grail. The highly sought after and seldom found, local free range egg. It's hard not to break into song.

I'm at the "farmers market", a weekly affair organized by and held next to Baker and Spice at Souk al Bahar. It's small - only a few stalls - a far cry from the whole-oval affair at the St Kilda Peanut Farm back in Melbourne. The buskers, the chai brewer and the gourmet hotdog man are missing - but it is, nonetheless, an excellent attempt to help Dubians to understand the possibilities of the region, and give them the ability to purchase food that has a carbon footprint smaller than the shadow of a blue whale.



Lirun said...

those breads look amazing..

nzm said...

Wonderful! Markets are a great concept, and we're lucky to live in Barcelona where markets are abundant.

We lived in Melbourne for a year, and what we miss most are the freshly shucked Tassie oysters for $1 a pop at the South Melbourne market. Getting 4 each was our treat at the end of the shopping run. Sam the Shucker got to know us quite well!

Anonymous said...


Provides an authentic description of local food markets that's appetising enough to pique the pallets of even non-foodies.

I envy what some can do with their tongue and tastebuds.

Sarah Walton said...

ooohhh nzm, now you've done it. nostalgia hitting like a steam train!

Anonymous said...

Dubai farmers market is great, lets hope lots of people keep supporting it so it grows. Keep spreading the word!

AJ.Salman said...

the bread made me huungry lol, im thinking JAM WITH BUTTER

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