31 January, 2006

Omani journalists : bunch of lazy useless cowards :: Pizza Queen

Link: Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita: Omani journalists : bunch of lazy useless cowards

Thoughtful post by the ever thought provoking Pizza Queen. Read the whole thing.

Eagle's Eye: Camel jockeys in Emirates

Link: Central Chronicle--Opinion

Updates from the UAE Web

The Internet Magazine on what's happening in the local UAE Internet
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(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/orb-uae) (http://orb-network.ryze.com)

Issue 1

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1. ORB-UAE Creative Yahoogroup now on RYZE.com!
2. Comprehensive list of UAE Recruitment firms and sites launched on Dubai Expats Yahoogroup
3. Grapeshisha UAE e-Newsletter - January Issue out and new website launched
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1. Cool UAE Blog of the Week
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Interview with a UAE Web Resident Omair Aasim, Creator of SearchingDubai.com

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Read it here.

30 January, 2006

Naomi linked with Dubai royalty

From the New York Post Page Six column today:

January 30, 2006 -- MAN-eating catwalk queen Naomi Campbell has another victim in her claws: the Prince of Dubai. The two are vacationing in Sweden...

more here

The issue of comment moderation

Jeff Jarven, in the Media Guardian, considers the challenge of "interactivity" - ie publishing something, such as a blog, where other people are able to comment:

Q: Should you moderate interactivity?

A: If you want to. But don't think that you can tidy up comments any better than you can tidy up the world. I would kill the worst, most spiteful and off-topic comments and let the rest speak for themselves.

I would say this is probably what most of us do, it is certainly what I try to do. Plus there are certain comments that have to be deleted for UAE-specific legal reasons.

Q: Shouldn't technology help with moderation?

A: You wish. But people can still outsmart machines.

I wish too, pretty often ;)

Media industry focused blogs

A number of UAE media and PR-related blogs are cropping up, here are some for those interested:

Communicate Magazine blog
Dubai Media Observer
Marketing, Advertising, Creativity
The Viral Idea

If anyone finds any others, or would like to compile a list for other UAE fields (sport/IT/property/finance) please do have a go.

29 January, 2006

Emirates Western Force go down to Crusaders

Headline of the day: Link

28 January, 2006

Two Versions of Google - .com and .cn

lgf: Two Versions of Google

The differences are striking.

MV Doulos - Books Books Books

Got a chance to visit "The Floating Book Fair" as they call MV Doulos.

Wonderful classics, fantastic books for the children (especially), books on religion, hobbies, dictionaries & books books books so many books. :-))

But, not many fiction books or the bestsellers (at least, I did not see them), except a few John Grisham books.

As the word spread, there were hordes of people, visiting the ship which is docked at the Mina Port in Abu Dhabi. The crew was helpful, ready with a smile on their face as they answered our queries. The ship will be here in Abu Dhabi till 03 Feb & then off it goes to Sharjah & the next port of call will be Doha. That is what the crew told us.

I would highly recommend people to take this opportunity to visit MV Doulos
& rediscover the joys of reading once again....

Stupid prank with a painful – yet oddly stupid as well – ending


Totally off topic but you guys and girls have to see how stupid this guy is. Judge for your self.....

Stupid Prank

NOTE: edited by samuraisam, uaecommunity is not the place to post violent/stupid video's, it is upto someone else to judge whether or not to delete this, please, in the future place a disclaimer if the content is NSFW (Not safe for work) or contains violence, sexual references, drug references, or in someway goes against the moral values of the UAE.

Ban Brokeback Mountain in the UAE?

I have been reading articles in 7days recently about whether the movie "Brokeback Mountain" should be released to cinemas here. Here and here are some letters sent in by readers. After chewing on it for a while, here's my two cents. If the movie makes it to the cinemas here in the UAE then I am going to go watch it. Anyone who wants to come and blow up the cinema is welcome to do so. And if people don't want to see this movie, then that's fine with me...there are at least 8 other movies playing in any cinema that you are welcome to watch. If the movie doesn't make it to the cinemas here, then I am going to get it on DVD. As an expat living in a Muslim country, I can understand why this movie would cause a stir if it was filmed here (images of people squatting at Deira City Centre come to mind). However, what I don't appreciate are the numerous people who feel that this country would go straight to hell if this movie was screened here. What is wrong with you all? It is just a movie. After reading the letters in 7days, I was really appalled at the ignorance of some people:

"As Muslims, we should not be scared of gay people. I am trying to learn to hate the sin and not necessarily the person. After all their lifestyle often involves abuse of any and all substances as well as sexual experiences.
I guess many of them have been born into a system of abuse and perpetuate the same cycle of along to their victims. They regularly contract strange diseases that are further mutated by their abundant substance abuse.
Often they evolve in to paedophiles (majority have had homosexual experiences). They are outcast by their own people and exist only in the "politically correct" illusion of the free society that must tolerate them as a result of their precious value system.
I think the true fear and disgust amongst Muslims is that the West would rather embrace and glorify this putrid, hedonistic, terminally ill group of people rather than us.
If "Brokeback" is such an invaluable piece of art, then go to the closest travel agent, buy yourself a ticket, fly back to your "free country" and indulge. Then return for the crime free, luxurious environment. I guess I still hate them... "

Wasim, UAE

Mr Wasim, I wonder which outdated encyclopedia you're reading to get your facts. But just to save you some time, I'm going to explain the facts above which I've highlighted in bold:
1) I cordially invite you to my house, where you will find me in perfect health, physically and mentally, and with no needle marks on my arms or anywhere else. So pardon me for pointing out that myself and other people don't indulge in any substance abuse. Although, I must admit that I am addicted to Cadbury's Hot Chocolate Drink.
2) I was not 'born into a system of abuse'. I am what I am because that is how I came into this world. I was not spanked, caned, whipped, or slapped when I was a child. This is how I was made - accept it. And no, I don't have any victims - I'm not a vampire in case you didn't know.
3) If you want to see terminally ill people, then there are institutes you can go to where you can see just how different life is for a terminally ill person. Don't ever make that sort of comparison to anyone again.

27 January, 2006

Reader's Digest Announces expansion to UAE

Reader's Digest Announces Expansion to UAE

Reader's Digest discovers an untapped market.

Friday blog bites :: Emirates Today

Your weekly ration of Emirates Today blog bites is up. Click the link and then go to page 04.

Dubai Marina Market

Every Friday until April 28th, there's an open air market along the Dubai Marina Walk. It’s happening now as I post, and already the place is starting to fill up.

It’s a fun atmosphere, especially later in the afternoon and into the evening. The place gets so crowded that it’s sometimes hard to move.

All sorts of products are for sale – ornaments, clothing, jewellery, painting, photographs.

If shopping isn’t your thing, then sitting on one of the benches or at one of the restaurants and watching the crowds is also great entertainment.

The kids love the fountain!It’s so good to see the marina complex filled with life.

Super Bowl Bleg

I got an email from an American from Pittsburgh who will be in Dubai during the Super Bowl. He is wondering if there is any Steelers fan groups that will be watching the game. Also, is the game on any channel other than Orbit ESPN? Thanks

26 January, 2006


Publius Pundit picks up a Gulf News story.

Publius Pundit - Blogging the democratic revolution averages over 4,000 visitors a day.

UPDATE: Not long after, Pajamas Media linked to Publius's post and ran it in "Top Stories."

25 January, 2006

Arabic UAE Community Blog

I'm currently seeking to find arabic speaking bloggers to form the arabic uae community blog;
If you'd like membership please drop a comment here or email me on sam@samurai-sam.com, if you know anyone who is an arabic blogger please direct them here or to my email address...
I need someone with decent arabic knowledge (I don't know any arabic) to help get the design up (in arabic language) and also any potential moderators too.
here be the arabic uae community blog: http://emiraticommunity.blogspot.com/

As soon as there are enough members i'll start the community.


Michael Jackson strikes AGAIN !

Michael Jackson, center, wears an abaya, the traditional Arabic women's veil and all-covering gown, and holds the hand of one of his children, also veiled, as they walk toward their car Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2006, behind a shopping mall, in Manama, Bahrain. Jackson, a reclusive resident of the Gulf island country since being cleared of child molestation charges, was accompanied by a woman and two other children on the shopping outing. (AP Photo/Hasan Jamali)

24 January, 2006

Osama's daring flight into Dubai?

New Blog

I haven't seen anyone post about this yet, but if I missed it, I apologize. I found a new blog from Dubai (first post was on the 15th) via a comment. Check it out and welcome him:

TheSandCastle - http://joncastle.blogspot.com/

23 January, 2006

Blogspot URLs

Just a caution to people to be aware that if you change/delete your blog address, eg from:




then your old URL instantly becomes availabe for new users. This has just happened with Dave Banana's old blog, which fortunately has been adopted by a nice, interesting-looking blog: Life in Dubai - http://dubaithoughts.blogspot.com.

However you may remember Feed Your Head was not so lucky: when he/she deleted, someone created an offensive blog in its place, which could have got FYH into even more trouble if the authorities didn't recognise the ownership change.

So if you want to delete your blog temporarily or permanently, consider leaving it up but with all entries deleted, except one announcing: "This blog is now closed".

22 January, 2006

Abu DHabi Metblog

A group of people are trying to get an Abu Dhabi Metblog up. So all bloggers from Abu Dhabi can now sign up for blogging invitations at the following URL:


Blog On Ppl!

Great News for Abu DHabi Book fans.

For all you book buffs , MV DOULOS, the oldest ship in the world, and also the ship responsible for developing my stomach for books, is BACK! REad all about it here,


I Am getting my 1998 DOulus MUg a twin now!!!!

21 January, 2006

Real Classy Park!

I visited the new Za'abeel Park Thursday night. So, so nice, even at night. Varying elevations, nice paths, small lakes and other water features, an ampitheatre, cricket ground, foot bridges, etc. I only walked through the small and mid-sized sections but was impressed with what I saw. A first for the UAE. SZR skyline was also spectacular over the palm trees.

20 January, 2006

the green light means GO!

I introduce The best look at traffic since the invention of the car.

comments appreciated.

Friday Blog Bites :: Emirates Today

EmiratesToday takes note of the following posts by UAE-based bloggers. My horizons were broadened, and yours will be, too. Pay these a visit, and stay long enough to see what else they offer:

Dubai Sunshine: Cachet - A few weeks ago, I had written about how 6Days had used the expression "Tu pableo Espanol" erroneously. Well, now it seems it's Emirates Today's turn to prove to us why they don't need proofreaders....

Dubai Bigus: Rally Driving - It doesn't inspire good feelings when your significant other says, "be careful going home, remember...you are back in Dubai". I think I held my breath the entire way while driving home from Al Rashidiya to Jumeirah. I am now qualified for Formula 1 or the Dakar Rally.

Dubai's Drama Queen: Kissing with confidence - At a recent party in Jumeirah, the delicate issue of etiquette came up in conversation, particularly when it comes to kissing. Is it one, two or three kisses? The wrong guess can leave a girl lunging into thin air, or avoiding a prematurely proffered cheek. After years leaving here in Dubai, the standard formula seems to be: 1 = Dubai new blood, usually a reserved Brit; 2 = Dubai native; 3 = Lebanese or hot-blooded Spaniard.

[0 = American, ed.]

oasis dubai: Le Grand Voyage - There is not a single (maybe someone will prove me wrong) arthouse cinema/theatre in Dubai/UAE. ALL cinemas are showing mainly Hollywood fare. It will be nice, other than making money, to screen good movies, especially from Europe, Iran, Asia..etc. . . .

Desert Dreams: DAPping - iPod love or hate? Every major city in the world is filled with the blessed things, but Dubai remains an Apple free zone? Is it the price? Maybe it's because the style thing is not that important? Or maybe that we all travel in cars and have radios and things...

a secret arabian journal...: Compounded* - So what does Dubai’s ongoing approach to development tell us about this Emirate? Dubai has an almost postmodern Nietchien quality to it: Ya3ny, this Emirate is reminiscent of Disney Land or Alton Towers; an artificial fantasy built skillfully but flimsy over a desert reality. Its lack of visible and authentic history only serves to magnify the feeling that this city is nothing more than a synthetic façade, especially when it is compared to other areas like the more organic Al Ain, Ajman and even the concrete metropolis of Abu Dhabi. This is a shame really, because Dubai actually has a soul and a culture to it that is far richer and denser than most other 21st Century cities world wide that have a similar stature.

18 January, 2006

American universities in the Arab World :: BIDOUN


The AUW website describes AUS as "engaged in the experiment of growing an American-style institution in the soil of a traditional Islamic society." Waxing lyrical about the KFC opposite the campus mosque, it's the kind of hearts and minds stuff that nervous State Department officials presumably visualize to help them sleep at night.
Crossposted at http://emirateseconomist.blogspot.com

17 January, 2006

Michael Jackson strikes again.

Interesting article here

Michael Jackson Looking for Work in UAEDUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES-January 17, 2006 - He's been living there for months. Now, it looks like Michael Jackson is ready to start working in the United Arab Emirates.

The pop star is said to be looking into a position as a consultant with a company in Bahrain. The firm – AAJ Holdings – says it wants to hire Jackson to give advice on how to set up entertainment businesses.
The company plans to set up theme parks and music academies in the Middle East. And apparently officials feel a pop star who used to live at an estate that actually includes an amusement park would be a good fit for their company.

Since being acquitted on child molestation charges, Jackson has been living in Bahrain and has indicated that he plans to stay there.

UAE community blog

Who said that Muslim women can't write? Check them out in Emiratestodayonline. Like to join us? Com'on down.

Gay Chef Peril

I'm cracking up.

Khaleej Times Online, 23.12.05
An official in the Dubai Police Human Rights Care Department said, "as per UAE laws and our religion and culture, homosexuality and pornography are not allowed in the country. Homosexuals are not allowed to gather in public places."

He said that the department did not receive any complaint so far against homosexuals. "This phenomenon is common to all societies. In the past, there were a few such people in the UAE, who used to work as cooks. But they respected the feelings of others. However, now with the growing tolerance of this practice globally, homosexuals think they have a right to announce their sexual orientation and form communities," he added.

To all parents

Please please please keep a close eye on your kids at home - you never know what is happening while you are away..

Protecting customers?

From Emirates Today:
Dubai residents said they could not think of any reason why making calls over the internet is illegal in the UAE, apart from it protecting the interests of the country’s only communications provider. Programmes such as Skype, Net-to-Phone and gcc2u now enable anyone with an ADSL internet connection to make international calls at a fraction of the price charged by Etisalat. However, internet users in the UAE cannot download those programmes here.

“Internet phone calls are a legitimate mode of communication all over the world,” said Martin, 27, who did not want to give out his last name because of the sensitivity of the topic. I guess here they are illegal because there are many foreign ers who need to call home and this is a big source of revenue for the telecom provider.” The Polish designer, who has been living in the UAE since he was 11, said he uses an internet application, which he downloaded on his personal computer illegally, to call friends and relatives abroad.

“I buy prepaid cards from internet cafes here. It works out much cheaper… the rule to make these calls illegal is only serving the monopoly.” Another UAE resident, Ravi from India, agreed. “Internet calls are only illegal in those places where the service provider is not ready to give it to the public. This is the next big thing in the IT world but it is seen as a threat to operator’s profits.” Ravi, who also refused to give his full name, goes to internet cafes where he said he can speak to his parents in the United States for five hours at a cost of just Dh40. He said his friends who have ADSL lines at home make the calls on their computers. “I have introduced this programme to four or five people in the six months since I have known about it,” he said.

However, an official at the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority insisted that making internet phone calls illegal was not motivated by a desire to protect Etisalat. “We are protecting customers,” said Mohamed Gheyath, manager of IT affairs at the authority, who said that the companies selling pre-paid cards enabling customers to make internet calls have no licence and therefore there is no guarantee they comply with security and quality service standards.

16 January, 2006

'I will not use Blogger.com, MySpace.com, Blog.com, Spaces.MSN.com and 360.yahoo.com' - PledgeBank

'I will not use Blogger.com, MySpace.com, Blog.com, Spaces.MSN.com and 360.yahoo.com' - PledgeBank

Since I am wedded to blogger.com, I won't be signing the pledge. But I do believe we should let blogger.com know our displeasure over the omission of Palestine. You may not always agree with him, but Tigerhawk makes the case well.

I wonder where the list of locations comes from. I doubt the companies come up with it on their own. Is it a default list based upon some Internet convention?

15 January, 2006

Oman, Syria declare three days mourning

Khaleej Times Online

Flags were being flown at half-mast for three days starting on Sunday while ministries and official organizations are to close from Monday, resuming work Saturday, following the weekend in the Sultanate of Oman.

Excellent documentary

Click here for a fascinating documentary about young UAE women and men and their thoughts on freedom and gender discrimination.

Sven falls for fake Sheikh in Dubai

England's football coach Sven Goran Eriksson has been busy in Dubai it seems, according to the News Of the World (was blocked at the tme of writing the post blocked by Etisalat unfortunately, it seems):
Sven Goran Eriksson is secretly preparing to DUMP England immediately after the World Cup, the News of the World can reveal. At a time when the Swede should be focused on vital team preparations, he tried to get an undercover News of the World investigator—posing as a rich Arab—to BUY Premiership club Aston Villa and give him the manager's job on a massive £5 million a year AFTER TAX, plus bonuses. Crafty Eriksson—who vowed to fans he would see out the last two years of his England contract—even discussed ways of wriggling out of the job behind the backs of his FA bosses.

And further into the story:
So our undercover Arab contacted Sven's portly agent Athole Still—who negotiated Eriksson's monster £8 million England contract—to see if he would be interested in coaching at a new football academy in Dubai.

We expected the answer to be no because of the pressures of getting England to the finals. Instead it was a very definite YES—and negotiations began.

On Wednesday night Sven, along with Still and lawyer Richard Des Voeux, flew from Heathrow to Dubai where they were put up in the luxurious Burj al-Arab. They met our Arab at the hotel's seafood restaurant. Sven was in a sharp suit and black tie.

By the end of the night the two had ordered and downed champagne along with two bottles of vintage wine costing £900.

Over crab cakes and lobster, they got down to business. Just under an hour into the meal, Eriksson raised the idea of buying a club with our Arab and his undercover associate.

Kuwait Ruler - Sheikh Jaber Al Sabah Dies

Just came in on CNN

14 January, 2006

Global Voices : UAE

maybe old news but i just randomly stumbled upon Global Voices: UAE, They do a roundup of bloggers posts. makes for an interesting read.

PS: i did a google search to see if anyone linked to it and apparantly no one did, if this is old news please say so

EmiratesToday Blog Bites for Friday January 13, 2006

DUBAI CONSUMER (original post), DESERT IDLENESS (o.p.), THE DESERT WEASEL (o.p. ) and SECRET DUBAI DIARY (o.p.) on UAE driving behavior.

METROBLOGGING (o.p.) on the DSF cancellation.

13 January, 2006

345 Die at Haj

7 Days Reporting

Let me start out by saying I want to be sensitive, first of all, to believers in the faith and, secondly, to those who suffer personal loss from this tragedy. But doesn't this sort of accident point to the hypocracy in religion? People go to perform a very significant act of faith and devotion yet they are not protected by the very God they were in the process of honoring, from what is obviously the kind of tragedy whose liklihood can be attributed to the science of odds and probablility. I'm struck by the same thought when I hear of a bus load of Hindu pilgrims, for example, plunging into a mountain ravine as they make their way up some narrow, winding mountain pass to a great temple fest. Isn't there a great amount of hypocrocy in this?

Fulla on the BBC

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Barbie loses out to veiled rival:

"The Fulla doll is designed to appeal to a Muslim market
Step aside Barbie - a veiled doll with, as her creator describes it 'Muslim values', is proving a popular choice in Egypt's toy stores.

Fulla, dressed in a traditional Islamic headscarf and overdress, comes with her own pink felt prayer rug."

I've looked at Fulla for a while now with an envious eye. Isn't it time girls in the west got something that resembles a normal woman ?

We have Sindy in the UK; my mother used to buy me Sindy as she objected to me playing with the 'that hideous American doll'. However, Sindy looks no different to Barbie now, with her high cheekbones and crazy proportioned bod.

Abu Dhabi Stellar Tower

Abu Dhabi Stellar Tower

Construction work is expected to begin next year and last for three years on the new 255-m Stellar Tower, which is to be built as a tribute to the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The London-based architects Make designed the building, which is to take shape on Ittihad Square and will house shops, offices, a restaurant and a 300-bed hotel.

Read Gulf News Article

The building envelope has been designed to provide an efficient solar protective skin around the whole structure providing 90% solar protection, ensuring that the air conditioning system functions with a reasonable cooling output and minimises the energy required to operate.

The two technologies being considered for the ‘Stellar Tower’ are building integrated photovoltaic (PV) cells and wind power. Photovoltaic (PV) cell process converts free solar energy, the most abundant energy source on the planet, directly into electricity. And the wind power to provide additional natural electrical energy production.

11 January, 2006

Cute Overload! ;)

Link: Cute Overload! ;)

As long as the off-topic posting trend continues at UAEcb, I'm joining the trend - here's another one some of y'all might appreciate.

Austria & UAE Join Forces To Make Camel Milk Chocolates!

Camel Milk Chocolate

Can you imagine how would it taste like? I'm sure it is going to be different ... and expensive! They are saying that the Vienna-based Chocolatier Hochleitner and Al Ain Camel Farm and Dairy will target wealthy customers staying in luxury hotels in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Vienna-based Chocolatier Hochleitner took six months to develop the treats. Company head Johann Georg Hochleitner said camel's milk was a good alternative to cow's milk because it was lower in fat and sweeter.

Camel milk chocolates (Ananova)

NOTE: This is not the picture of the camel chocolate I'm talking about here ... it is just a picture of a camel shaped chocolate ... Would you eat it if it looks like this?

10 January, 2006

Hey everyone Eid Mubarak!!
Hope you all have an awesome Eid and hope your bakra tasted good!

09 January, 2006

DSF cancelled

Dubai Shopping Festival has been completely cancelled this year
Dubai, Jan. 9th, 2006 (WAM)-- The current round of Dubai Shopping Festival has been deferred to the next round, in mourning of the late Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum, organisers have announced.

Festival Coordinator Saeed Al Naboudah said all the activities had been deferred to the next round, scheduled for the 20th of December, 2006.

Al Naboudeh announced, however, that the prescribed discounts on purchases of this year's festival will remain valid up to the 4th of February, 2006.

Just Chillin'

A common sight in Al Ain: men sitting on a roundabout waiting for the prayer call. There are two here but you can only see one. Sorry about the quality of the photo..camera phone with no zoom. Posted by Picasa


Can you walk from the UAE to Qatar without passing through Saudi Arabia?

Cool buttons

Moryarti from Dubai Consumer Mirror has created some great buttons for people to link to UAE community blog with.

Here they are:

You can download them as indivdual images (right click each one above), or for the full zipped set, click here.

Thank you Moryati!

05 January, 2006

Who's the lady in the abaya?

It's Michael Jackson!

04 January, 2006

DSF cancelled, Ruler dead

The Dubai Shopping Festival, that was due to start today, has been cancelled after the sudden death of the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in Australia earlier today. Officials said to await a further announcement about the event.


its confirmed

the radios have gone off line, the whispers are doing rounds in almost all the nooks and corners of the UAE....

and now it is confirmed.
sheikh maktoum bin rashid al maktoum has passed away. may his soul rest in peace...

The prime minister and vice president of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid al-Maktoum, died early on Wednesday in Australia, the official WAM news agency said.
Diplomats said Sheikh Maktoum, who is also the ruler of Dubai, suffered heart problems and was in his mid-60s.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, who is the UAE's defence minister, is Maktoum's brother and heir who will automatically take over as ruler of Dubai.

Officials said UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan will appoint a new premier and vice president for the Gulf Arab state that is a federation of seven emirates.

Sheikh Maktoum maintained a low profile, preferring to allow his younger brothers, including the globally renowned enterpreneur Sheikh Mohammed, to run the day-to-day affairs of Dubai, the Gulf region's trade and tourism hub.

Sheikh Maktoum is best known as co-owner of Dubai's Godolphin stables which competes in major horse races.

"The UAE has today lost a historical leader who dedicated his life to building the nation and doing good for its people," said a statement from the UAE's presidency.

Dubai's main stock market halted trading after the news. The UAE has declared 40 days of mourning and government institutions will be closed for a week. (Reuters)

He first became Prime Minister on 9 December 1971 and served until 25 April 1979 when he was replaced by his father Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

Following the latter's death on 7 October 1990 he resumed his position as Prime Minister and also took over as Ruler of the Dubai.

Sheikh Maktoum used to run the emirate of Dubai along with his two brothers, Sheikh Mohammed (Crown Prince and Minister of Defence) and Sheikh Hamdan (Minister of Finance) of the United Arab Emirates.

some say that there is a 4 day mourning... some say it is 40!

Shaikh Maktoum dies

His Highness Shaikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai has died.

He was 62 years old.


All Dubai Radio/TV stations are playing The Holy Quran

03 January, 2006

Dubai Traffic Festival

Blogging philosophy

This guy, Seth Godin, believes that a successful blog needs five elements:

1. Candour
2. Urgency
3. Timeliness
4. Pithiness
5. Controversy

He says: "Short and sweet, folks: If you can't be at least four of the five things listed above, please don't bother. People have a choice (4.5 million choices, in fact) and nobody is going to read your blog, link to your blog or quote your blog unless there's something in it for them."

This place definitely boasts all five ;)

02 January, 2006

Exclusive - Dubai Transport drivers on strike

To all Dubai based bloggers.

If you are planning to catch a cab today, I suggest you think of alternatives - there isn't a single DT cab in sight. After almost 1 hour waiting for one, a Metro Taxi driver told me that all Dubai Transport drivers are on strike since the morning in protest for extremely low wages and bad work conditions..

I will post more details on today's taxi-less experience on my
blog later this evening ...

01 January, 2006

Cinderella Time

Where were you at the stroke of midnight, 1 January?
(Choose the one most applicable response.)

At work. At a party. At home with family/friends.
At home alone.Viewing fireworks. In transit somewhere.
In bed. In a bar/club.Don't remember.None of the above.

Free polls from Pollhost.com

New Year's Resolutions?

What are UAE bloggers and others resolving to do in Y2K6? Anyone care to share? I'll start:
  • A new blog post everyday!
Not here but on my site Dubai Marina Communities. This is not a plug, it's just what I like to do. The mission of this site is to introduce every single tower and building coming up (and already up) in the Dubai Marina, and as anyone who has ever been to Dubai would know, there are A LOT. So, one building per day should get me there by year's end!


My special greetings to fellow bloggers. Keep on posting. Also, to both our faithful readers and viewers of happenstance. Every visit counts--share your comments.