31 July, 2008

TRA to unblock 1000 websites

According to The National...

"Internet users will soon be able to access more than 1,000 websites that UAE censors had deemed offensive, according to officials from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

The TRA will instruct web service providers to unblock the sites as part of its new “internet access management” policy, which was introduced today.

The new policy will require the Government-controlled internet provider duopoly of Etisalat and du to unblock the sites before Aug 29. It would also formalise the UAE’s internet censorship standards and dictate a clear framework to internet service providers concerning which sites should be restricted, the TRA announced."
(The National: Censors unblock 1,000 websites)

Some additional information has been provided by zawya...

"Such sites as: criminal sites that provide specific instructions or methods of encouraging individuals to commit unlawful acts or criminals, phishing sites which aim to deceive users in order to obtain personal data such as user name and password for credit cards, or include harmful codes and information on special piracy programs, and websites which promote for illegal drugs, pornography, gambling, as well as websites which include materials that reflect the hatred of divine religions and prophets in general, and sites that promote ideas of terrorism or supporting terrorism.


In this respect, H.E Mohamed Nasser Al Ghanim, TRATRA Board Member and Director General, said: "We have always considered the interests and benefits of consumers throughout the formulation of this policy, which laws are directed to protect Internet users, because we believe in the role of the Internet as a primary mean of acquiring knowledge".

Mr. Al Ghanim concluded: "Given the fact of the commercial, economic and media work environment of many governmental bodies and institutions in the country, the TRATRA has implemented some exceptions on blocking access to certain websites, which contents may be commensurate with the nature of their work, where they might be in dire need to know vital information via the Internet that is at the core of their work. We don’t want the blocking system to have a negative impact on their work and activity".
(more here: Zawya: TRA issues regulation policy on ''Internet Access Management"

Still no word on whether people will be allowed to share playlists of their music (www.last.fm), micro-blog (www.twitter.com) or upload and view photographs (www.flickr.com)... Most likely not.

Change of Address...

Hi all,

Just wanted you all to know that I've changed my blog address from http://drnsain.blogspot.com to http://drnsains.blogspot.com.

You can check it out by clicking here or above.

PS: Wonder if this could also be updated in the blogroll?

28 July, 2008

Dubai Cares? The RTA doesn't!

Yesterday, thanks to the total lack of advance notice of a major road closure combined with misleading signage, Dubai Marina was gridlocked until late morning. People were trapped in their vehicles for three hours and more.

So being aware of the problems they had caused, the RTA took action to change the signs, telling people the road was closed and directing people to the new route, right?


They did nothing.

The gridlock is the same this morning as yesterday.

The roads have been changed, the signage hasn't been.

Drive along Al Sufouh Road towards Jebel Ali/Abu Dhabi and the signs direct you straight through Dubai Marina, as they have for over a year, but now they take you to the road closure.

Hundreds of vehicles arriving at the closed road are trying to find a way back, they're being joined by the hundreds of people living in Dubai Marina who are trying to get out of their buildings. More and more are joining the back of the queue.

No signs tell drivers the road has changed, no signs tell drivers the correct road to take, there are only signs sending them in the wrong direction.

27 July, 2008

Gridlock in Dubai Marina

Avoid Dubai Marina this morning, it's gridlocked.

The reason is unannounced road closures, no advance warning and no road signs in place.

For anyone going to Jebel Ali or Abu Dhabi, be aware that you cannot go through Dubai Marina any more. The exit at the new under-construction Interchange 5.5 has been closed.

You now need to join Sheikh Zayed Road at Interchange 5 or around the Tecom free zone.

You also cannot go into Dubai Marina at Int. 5.5 any more, the last entry is by Hard Rock Cafe.

23 July, 2008

Chill out, landlords

One must admire the creativity that comes alive within a landlords' brain, once his greed buttons are switched on. I've got several friends right now, suffering from a new landlord sickness, the "chiller fever".
During the rental term they have a received an invoice from their landlord (without further explanation), saying that although the AC was free in the building, they now decided to start charging for the chiller. Cheapest chiller fees for a 1 bedroom start at 3600 AED a year. I find that unbelievable. The rent committee didn't comment and seems is not interested to follow up on such "small" issues.
I say - cool idea landlords, easy way to make an extra couple of hundred thousand dirhams a year with no extra effort! No honestly, I hope you choke on the money.

22 July, 2008

DMC Visa Cancellation

Anybody here know what Dubai Media City charges to cancel a residence visa?

Salik news, as reported

"Dubai: New Salik toll gates will be installed on two new locations including Al Maktoum Bridge and the Second Interchange on Shaikh Zayed Road, Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced on Tuesday.

The two new toll gates will be activated from September 9 as part of the second phase of Salik system,” said Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA.

Motorists entering or exiting from Al Safa Road from the Second Interchange on Shaikh Zayed Road will also have to pay the toll. However, they will not be charged again if they use the Al Barsha toll gate as they will be charged once (Dh4) for using both the toll gates.

Al Tayer said the new phase of the Salik project comes after a comprehensive study of the first phase and especially after the opening of the new Al Garhoud Bridge. The study focused on the traffic jams at some major roads in Dubai and the alternatives that can resolve this issue.

The study also highlighted the success of the first phase of Salik which was launched in July 2007, in reducing traffic at toll areas by 25 per cent, lowering the duration of the journey on Shaikh Zayed road by 50 per cent and increasing the average speed from 40 to 80 km/hour.

The study showed high traffic load on Al Maktoum Bridge which caused traffic congestions at some internal roads in Deira. It also pointed to congestions at Al Barsha and Al Sofouh due to the traffic load caused by motorists crowding to avoid passing the Al Barsha toll gate.

The study concluded on the high necessity to launch a new phase of Salik on the congested roads and the need to redistribute traffic on major roads and creek crossings especially after launching the new Garhoud Bridge.

He also mentioned that some motorists avoid crossing under Al Barsha gate by using internal roads that caused congestions at Al Barsha and Al Sofouh and caused disturbance to residents in the area.

The only solution to resolve this issue is by installing new toll gate after Al Safa Bridge on Shaikh Zayed Road."


Any comments?

21 July, 2008

Etisalat Customer Service Sucks

Want a good reason to not use Etisalat?
Read This.

20 July, 2008

Little advice here?

I have a feeling I'll get plenty of advice here!

Here's the deal. My husband is close to getting an offer for a 2-year gig in Dubai. So I'm completely confused about maybe a million things.
  • First, regarding the offer, I've heard that he should ask for double his currently salary. That sounds awesome. Is it realistic?
  • We have a little house that is not in saleable condition as far as I'm concerned. Do we off-load it because it's too much of a nuisance to maintain it from so far away or is renting better?
  • Do people typically get enough in these packages to maintain a home in the US while living in Dubai?
  • How much can we expect in the relocation package?
  • For 2 Americans who would expect MORE than the comforts of home, how much can we reasonably expect to pay for rent and can we reasonably expect his employer to pay it on top of his salary?
  • What necessities should we ask for from his employer that they may be willing to pay but not willing to offer up without us asking?
  • What do we do about cars?
  • Can I get Comedy Central and/or BBC on TV there?
  • We are definitely middle income people with substantial but not debilitating debt. Is it realistic for us to have enough spare cash on hand to get out of debt if we're reasonably careful about spending while there?
  • Are there any furnished apartments anyone would recommend?

I'm sure there are a million more questions, and I know I'm a little vague, but maybe you can answer the questions you wish you'd asked before going.


17 July, 2008

itoot.net hacked?

Hi guys, can anyone access the site itoot.net??
It seems to be hacked with a very crude message. I really wanted to see what people were thinking of the Lebanese/Israeli swap, but alas!
Thank you.

16 July, 2008

Dubai cracks down

Westerners were getting too racy on the beaches of this Persian Gulf tourist haven, and a police crackdown on topless sunbathing, nudity and other indecent behavior has resulted in 79 arrests in recent days.
The city is installing signs warning tourists in Arabic, English and several other languages not to sunbathe topless or change clothes in public, said Abdullah Mohammed Rafia, an official with the Dubai Municipality whose office is overseeing the public awareness campaign.
"I understand that I have to respect the rules of the country," said John MacLean, a British tourist on holiday with his girlfriend. But, he added, "I am not sure if I can kiss her or touch her in public."

15 July, 2008

Etisalat Customer Care prank call

Does anyone here who speaks Malayam have any idea what is being said in this youtube video?

13 July, 2008

Dubai Financial Market and its brokerages

There are still some very weird things going on at the Dubai Stock Market or rather, among the brokerages there. I have been exposed to stock markets worldwide but what we get here from time to time, should be on the front pages of all newspapers.
Lately another prime example happened to my colleague. He was trying to sell his Emaar shares through his broker at DFM at the market price. Usually, such a sell order takes only a few seconds to be executed. But...his order didn't go through after more than a week and it is still pending. When he complained to the broker, they told him that because his order was "small", it would have to be queued in a "special order" queue. Meaning, that clients with the largest order have priority to trade!
So if he is trying to sell 1000 shares and somebody comes in and sells 1 Mio. shares at the same price, the large order gets priority.
Brokers at DFM take a AED 45 comission on trades smaller than 15000 AED. Anything above AED 15000 gets them a 0,3% commission.
So...my friend contacted the DFM in order to inquiry about such a "priority law". Not susprisingly, such a law apparently does not exist. Even though he complained officially, the broker has never been warned or fined...nor was he able to sell his shares!
If you have any similar experiences, pls contact me.

12 July, 2008

Rental Analysis - Complete

This isn't a cross post from my blog, but actually I added recent data that enabled to make a bigger picture, but for the readers' sake, I am repeating the basics here below.

You see, I am in financial markets and investment. That means money, numbers, and economics. So I wanted to do a little digging that involves my better honed, albeit geeky, skills to see exactly how far the financial figures are cooked here in the UAE, and how bad things have become recently (11.1% inflation my @$$!!)

Anyway, below is a tabulated chart of my findings (I could not, for the life of me, manage to get a proper table in here, so I resorted to the old "print screen" and save as a GIF file trick):

- The salary data are median salaries collected indirectly through several agencies, and represent a sample of at least 10 people out of each country for each job listed (So at least 30 people of each country were tabulated).

- The rents data were collected directly from various sources, mostly classified listings and real estate agencies.

click on the figure for a clearer read

So what are some of the conclusion of this small research:

1- That despite having the lowest income across the board, Dubai has the highest minimum rent out of all those major cities of the World, especially in studios. What this means is that even though all major cities have quite expensive penthouses and Villas, they all present OPTIONS of lower rent for those without great means to live in those cities, supplying their economy with a vibrant middle class, which strengthens the consumption spectrum and creates a solid small and medium enterprise base. It means that even in the most expensive city in the World like Tokyo, you DO have the option of landing a $500 a month studio. A 10% lower limit of $950 per month did not exist in ANY city checked, this is the HIGHEST in the World, a serious issue that has to be handled if Dubai expects to grow its community and economy and attract more businesses to fill those rising office and residential towers.

2- Dubai was the only city out of all checked (with the exception of Jeddah and other Saudi cities though still not even close to being as widespread as in here), that had the abominable quarterly to annual rent payment system. Right now more than 60% of offered properties demand single payment for the whole year. In addition to being the only city that now bans sharing and regulates carpooling with heavy fines, this must be one of the biggest cash-flow challenges facing individuals here and a needless hurdle to prosperity.

This is actually where the numbers cannot match: The best (legal) option a person can find for accommodation is around $4000 (1000 for security deposit and 3000 for three months on a cheap $12,000 a year studio), yet the average monthly income for an average 5 year experienced office manager or accountant is $2,500 (MANY take less, some a LOT less). This way, it will take two months for a new recruit to pay the rent while eating one meal a day and sleeping on the cold hard floor as they can't afford buying or even renting furniture at this point, and the third month will have to be all saved to pay the next quarter's cheque of $3000!!

Additionally, basic sense shows that there is sound economical reason for such high rents over there, and that is a combination of two factors:

1) In Tokyo, New York, and Hong Kong there is a large native population that can more than fill all the properties. Expats form less than 30% in those cities, and if they leave, the natives who work for hundreds of billion dollar national businesses groups will always more than fill the void and will be willing to pay the high rent thanks to the strong income. Tokyo has 12 million citizens, and Japan totals above 125 million over the country. Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and London all have large native populations desiring to build lives in their major cities. Dubai has 250,000 citizens out of around 2 million population now (90% expats!!), and the whole country has less than 1 million citizens, most of whom DON'T like this city's lifestyle because it doesn't match the Emirati culture, so if expats leave, few will fill their place, but never the whole void.

2) In all those cities, space is LIMITED. As in nowhere else to grow the city. Hong Kong and Singapore are islands built to the maximum, Tokyo is absolutely closed and has nowhere to go. London is stuck in the green belt, New York is squeezed between the sea and New Jersey. So everyone compete for the limited space left. Dubai has all the empty land it can ever want to use for expansion, both towards Jebel Ali and deep inland towards Al Ain. There is no reason whatsoever for properties to have exorbitent prices.

Based on this and from the authority of my profession I am giving this professional conclusion that might be unpopular albeit true:
Real estate in Dubai is over-inflated by other factors non-related to actual demand or long-term actual supply limitation, and therefore it has formed an inflationary bubble that WILL burst and leave thousands of empty property units and millions in lost value as prices crash.

You probably did NOT hear it here first. :)

Dubai Warrior

11 July, 2008

Singapore Wannabe?

After a brief recent visit to Singapore, I realized that it's what Dubai should have been, especially considering how much Dubai copied from there. You can understand certain shortcomings, especially that innovators are always ahead of imitators. But the one thing that still does not add up about Dubai, is real estate.

There you had Asia's international hub of business, finance, and trade, wrapped up in a city-state governed by fully enforced republican law, enjoying excellent transportation facilities and civil infrastructure, great tropical weather, and a municipal management unmatched all over the continent. Literally billions of Asians are competing to get a spot or an office in this limited island, and yet they have a healthy real estate market where 60% of the units costs LESS than Dubai's cheapest offerings. The other 40% that cost more (granted some are significantly more) than Dubai's more expensive units, had a lot more to offer for that kind of money that it actually still made sense.

Yes I found many real estate units there that surpassed 4000 dirhams per square foot, but the quality on offer was superb, the facilities included were comprehensive and more than luxurious, and the location slash exclusivity were supreme. Exclusivity there meant a street corner of the top commercial and shopping district, in short, only ONE BUILDING would have that advantage, and therefore would advertise that it's exclusive in that way or location. Dubai's every other tower claims exclusivity, which is an oxymoron now honestly - 100 towers in the middle of nowhere looking at each other's swimming pools and all are branded as exclusive thanks to having central air conditioning or a silly voice activated lift.

Condos there were found thriving being offered for S$700 per sq ft, that is close to 1800 dirhams, and that is with full facilities of parking and entertainment, access to mass transit stations and convenience stores, security and all the usual bells and whistles, but more importantly were ALREADY BUILT!

Unless the Dubai developers and current "investors" come to grips with reality, and realize that 3 bedroom apartment rents of over a quarter of a million dirhams per year and prices above 3500 dirhams per square foot that they are dreaming of are probably not going to materialize, JBR will continue to be a ghost town and this market will face a long period of silence, followed by panic sales forced by bank payment pressures and a complete bubble burst.

Dubai Warrior

Etisalat and upgrading

Out of curiosity, what's the longest amount of time anyone here has ever waited for Etisalat to upgrade an internet connection?

10 July, 2008

Saudis pimp their rides

I love this - the hydraulic bit is just amazing:

Video link

09 July, 2008

A bad position to be in

The Telegraph:
The 30-year-old is thought to have been charged with having sex outside marriage - considered an offence in Dubai - as well as indecent behaviour in public, being drunk in public, and assaulting a police officer.
When the pair were allegedly found having sex by a policeman, he is said to have let them off with a caution. However, later, after the couple were discovered in the same position, they were arrested, and Miss Palmer is said to have become aggressive.
Kipp Report has many more details.

Talk by Ex- Outlawz Rapper in Dubai

Topic: "From Thug Life to Islam, the story of a rapper"

Napolean was a former rapper with the rap group Outlawz, founded by Tupac Shakur, Napoleon will talk about his life and journey to Islam. After following in the footsteps of Malcolm X and performing the Hajj, he began to learn about the essence of Islam and decided to leave a fast lifestyle of music, intoxicants and vice for the simplicity of Islam. Currently, Napoleon tours the world to give talks to the Muslim youth and educate them about the dangers of "gangsta culture".Thursday, July 10, 2008 8:30 PMNote: The lecture will commence at thescheduled time.Please ensure to be on time.Please feel free to invite all your Non-Muslim friends and relatives.

Venue: Jumeirah Islamic Learning Centre at Um Suqueim 1Tel & Fax : 04 394 94 61
eMail: infojilc@yahoo. com

Send an email to ashrafonline@gmail.com if you need the location Map

Facebook Link to this event : http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=4676148061

Property-linked residence visa

I've come across another development in the residence visa linked to property story.

You may remember that a couple of weeks ago the head of RERA was reported as saying they had sent a proposal to the government to stop the issue of residence visas to property owners. The story in Gulf News is here.

I've had some new information sent to me by someone who's bought an apartment in Dubai Marina.

Naturally, he needs the residence visa so that he can get the telephone and DEWA connected. He also needs it to get a PO Box, open a bank account, get a driving licence and so on.

Dubai Marina is an Emaar master development and the apartment is in one of the many buildings by other developers. The arrangement has been that the three master developers, and only them, are able to sponsor owners for a residence visa.

My correspondent talked to Emaar and was initially told that as of last month they only sponsor residence visas for buyers in their own buildings.

After many conversations with various people at his developer, Emaar and Immigration, and being given several different versions of the situation, the latest is from his developer who say Emaar have told them, I quote: "confirmed that they have stop issuing visa at the moment. Because Government Department (the Emigration Department in Dubai & Lands Department) with Emaar are Discussing some changes in the process."

The rule, publicly announced and in operation for three years, has been that the three master developers could apply for a residence visa for buyers in their developments. If the usual immigration requirements were met then a residence visa would be issued.

If that now changes, when many people have bought property because of it, it will be disastrous. Not only for the property owners but also for Dubai's reputation.

Relying so much on business confidence for its future, this would be yet another hit that would severely damage Dubai's reputation. If you can't trust the word of government, if something is sold but something different is delivered, then doing business becomes very risky. And there are many alternative places to invest which offer a safer, more honest environment.

This needs urgent government action.

08 July, 2008

Dubai mention on G Unit's T.O.S album

I started paying attention to mentions of Dubai in the non-traditional places (ie. not newspapers or news channels). First one I noticed was the mention of Dubai in GTA4 (Grand Theft Auto IV). It was in connection with a construction site where the workers were on strike and you had to take them out. I'm still stuck there!

Then the Terminate on Sight (TOS) album for G Unit came out. I like 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, etc.. but this album is terrible! Nevertheless, they managed to squeeze in a mention of Dubai in the track, "Get Down".

The lyrics go a little something like this:

I'm out the hood gettin fat and high
bought the jet, now it's time to fly
got the rolling with the [can't make it out], getting head in Dubai

So, yes, ladies and gentlemen, he is referring to what you think he is..

07 July, 2008

Iran: death for blogging

Via Aqoul, a chilling report from Iran on moves to toughen punishment for "harming mental security" which could see bloggers condemned to death:

The text lists a wide range of crimes such rape and armed robbery for which the death penalty is already applicable. The crime of apostasy (the act of leaving a religion, in this case Islam) is also already punishable by death.

However, the draft bill also includes "establishing weblogs and sites promoting corruption, prostitution and apostasy", which is a new addition to crimes punishable by death.

Those convicted of these crimes "should be punished as 'mohareb' (enemy of God) and 'corrupt on the earth'," the text says.

Quite apart from the ludicrousness of the death penalty as an appropriate punishment for political dissent or religious debate or even dissent, would anyone trust corrupt officials not to abuse this law? As soon as a blogger/citizen journalists criticises them or exposes their corruption, how easy to falsely accuse them of being an "enemy of God" or harming public order and get them killed and out of the way forever.

As Iran escalates backwards to the stone age, our thoughts and wishes for safety go to all Iranian bloggers.

The New Abu Dhabi Wildlife Center location

The new location for ADWC is now open and will be "officially" open to the public sometime around the end of the year. Here is a Gulf News video about the center.

You can also check out their  website for more info and I have posted additional photos and info on my site. This photo is of Johnny, a sand gazelle who was only hours old when he was rescued and he is now 6 months old. Photo is by Janet Hunt. 

UAE waives $7bn of Iraq's debt

The UAE just waived all of Iraq's debt, totaling $7bn. UAE policies toward Iraq and Iraqi citizens have long been a subject of debate. Iraqi citizens are seldom given permits to enter the country and when they do, rarely do they make it to resident status.

I remember the Government Services Office (at TECOM) specifically warning me that if I canceled a certain employee's visa, they would never be able to re-enter the country again. Policies such as these don't go well with the Iraqi population.

With that being said, the UAE's gesture is a great one. It made me smile and feel good to live in a country that is saying, "Look, I have a lot of money, you need to get back on your feet, let's just call it even, shall we?"

I am not Iraqi, but I thank you, UAE.

06 July, 2008

RAK Incident

Workers at the Al Hamra development in RAK have rioted--7 Days report.

The short of it--it resulted from a dispute over food quality, it escalated way out of control, some workers became violent (read damaged property, burnt busses), hundreds (thousands?) have been arrested, shipped off to AD and Dubai, awaiting deportation.

  1. Does anyone know more about the incident--what happened, why?
  2. Does anyone know how one can find out where the arrested workers are being held, how they can be supported?

no longer stumbling

stumbleupon seems to be blocked by etisalat. because apparently, the 'sharing' of anything remotely interesting under the sun is inconsistent with alllllll applicable values of the UAE.
does anyone in TRA even understand english? or can anyone use a browser to at least first visit the websites they are blocking?

05 July, 2008

Backwards, Backwards

Let's just go back to the days of the Salem witch trials... or cross the border into KSA or Iran.

Judges Debate Deportation Order...

In short, some of the powers that be would like to deport expatriates for showing the middle finger. Perspective please!!

03 July, 2008

'Slaves' freed from captivity in luxury hotel

That's a headline in The Times of London.

The story, from Brussels, Belgium begins:

At least 15 “slaves” have been freed from one of Europe's most stylish hotels, where they claimed that they were being kept captive to wait hand and foot on a royal heiress and four princesses.

The servants, all believed to be women, were allegedly held captive for eight months by the widow of an emir from the United Arab Emirates and her daughters. The family had hired the entire fourth floor of the exclusive Conrad Hotel in Brussels, according to reports in Belgium yesterday.

I look forward to reading all about it in tomorrow's UAE papers, with a clarification...an emir from the UAE?

The story in The Times is here.

Landmark To Launch 10 Shariah-Compliant Hotels By 2010

Landmark Hotel in Dubai

Landmark Hotel Management LLC has announced that it will be launching 10 world-class Shariah-compliant hotels and serviced apartments in the UAE and KSA by the end of 2010. The move is in line with the company's strategy to cater to the increasing demand for Shariah-compliant projects in the Middle East.

Six of the ten upcoming projects will be launched in Dubai, two in Abu Dhabi, a four-star hotel in Fujairah and one hotel in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. All the projects will operate on Islamic principles, which means that they are alcohol-free, serve halal food, and provide a percentage of their profit to charity.

S.M. Sadique, Managing Director of Landmark Hotel Group, highlighted that Landmark Hotel Management is keen on increasing the mass appeal of Shariah-compliant hotels. 'Presently, the general perception is that Shariah-compliant hotels are only meant for Muslims; which is certainly not the case. There are several non-Muslims, especially with families, who thoroughly enjoy the quieter and cleaner ambiance offered in Shariah-compliant hotels. Through our forthcoming projects we are determined to broaden the appeal of Shariah-compliant hotels across the Middle East.'

Read Also:
Landmark Hotel Group to launch ten Shariah-compliant hotels by 2010 (Emirates News Agency)

02 July, 2008

Soulless Stations

Don't you think that even for a capitalistic society auctioning the names of your metro station is a rather a bit extreme?

I wouldn't be surprised to read something like this in tourist guides a year from now:

" To visit Dubai's famous Gold Souk, take the Coca Cola station in Jumeira, go past BMW,McDonalds,BurgerKing and Cadbury stations and finally get off at Toyota Station"

01 July, 2008

Swiss court convicts Emirates sheik

A Swiss court has convicted a brother of the United Arab Emirates' ruler of assaulting an American man with his belt in a luxury Geneva hotel bar.

The Geneva police tribunal convicted Sheik Falah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan of inflicting "bodily harm with the use of a dangerous object" and ordered him to pay a 10,000 Swiss francs fine ($9,820), according to the judgment obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press.

If the sheik fails to pay the fine, it will be converted into a 100-day prison term, the judgment said.

On-line competition for naming the Burj Dubai Lake Fountain

Emaar organises an on-line competition for naming the spectacular fountain being developed in the Burj Dubai Lake in Downtown Burj Dubai.

This competition has been specifically planned as a participatory event for the public.

Emaar invites all citizens and residents of UAE to be part of one of modern Dubai’s proud contribution to the world’s finest aesthetic projects, one that is set to be a global talking point, one that appeals to tourists from far and wide.
A panel of judges from Emaar will choose the winner, who will be rewarded a cash prize of AED 100,000.