09 April, 2007

Posting Rules

Seeing as people have been asking for some posting guidelines I have produced the following; it is not my wish to have hundreds of rules or censor the postings here, however without some sort of guidelines this will inevitably turn into a spam blog or at the very least a blog about ‘anything’.

Posting and Commenting rules:
The 2 main rules of this blog...
  • Posting is a privilege and not a right. Admins may edit/remove your post for any reason that they state.
  • By making a post/comment on this blog you agree that you are solely responsible for its content and that you are up to date on the laws of the country you are posting from and that your post/comment abides by them.

Other rules:
  • Obscenely-hateful, obscenely-racist and comments inferring violence against other users are prohibited.
  • Detailing methods of bypassing the proxy is prohibited as it may get the site banned.
  • Listing information considered private is prohibited. Inciting other users to do anything similar, discussing it (even if it is meant to be in a light hearted manner) is prohibited.
  • Harassing, intimidating and/or threatening users is prohibited.
  • Posting deliberately confusing/obscure messages is prohibited; this includes using the avatars, usernames, names and/or likeness of other users.
  • Commercial posts and comments are prohibited; NO commercially oriented postings, NO advertising, NO promoting events and NO advertising in the comments section.
  • NO SEO ADVERTISING (search engine optimization)
  • In some circumstances (usually where users security/privacy is threatened), posts and comments may be removed, redacted, or disabled by admins for any reason.
There are some rules and restrictions that relate to privacy--it is aimed that the privacy of all bloggers and commenters is respected, however users that continually threaten, spam and/or harass may not have this respected.

Additional policies & information
Anonymous and non-member comments are placed in a moderation queue that is controlled by a few admins. Even if your comment is published it may be deleted at a later stage in keeping with the rules and to ensure discussions remain on topic.

Relevance is always a touchy subject on this blog; It is sometimes difficult to judge what is relevant and what is not.
Blog posts should preferably have some relevance to the UAE or the immediate surrounding area.
Occasional off-topic posts are tolerated, however it would be nice to see the majority of posts remain about the UAE.
In the commenting section, off-topic comments are permitted as long as the general topic remains the same.

Comment wars
Comment wars may be allowed for some time however users will eventually be asked to stop and return to the original topic. Comments may be permanently deleted to restore the post to its original topic.

It would be nice if everyone kept their posts with the same formatting; this means that information is easier for people to read and ensures readability by all browsers and operating systems.
  • When quoting news articles, don’t paste an entire article; link/reference all sources.
  • Please avoid modifying the fonts used on your posts, leave the default font; bold, italics etc are acceptable.
  • No large font titles/introductions, large images, flash content etc; please link to content that may take a long time to load rather than embed it.
  • Cross post in moderation. Linking to your blog 70 posts in a row is generally frowned upon. If you’re linking to your blog, it should be for a reason.
  • Please avoid using flash applets (youtube is accepted on occasion, but limit it to one video per post). This is because users on older computers may be unable to load the content--you can always link to sites.
  • Failure to follow these guidelines will result in me or another admin editing your post and leaving a comment stating why.
If anyone has any concerns with these guidelines, feel free to use the commenting section or email me at sam@samurai-sam.com


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure this is how"Our Ford" started. slowly but surely. frightening actually

Prometheus said...

No.1 is kinda uncooked and No.8 is kinda KGB-ish. Wot?

samuraisam said...

abit: what is "Our Ford"?

prometheus: what do you mean by uncooked? Number 8 simply means when commenting gets to the point where arguments aren't any logner about the topic they will be controlled. Communism prevails.

Fahad said...

""Posts may be removed by admins for any reason""

With all due respect to Admin: Samuraisam

Hmm.....thn why waste time writing down a long list of rules and regulations, when you can delete which ever post you don't like with out giving a reason....

Tim Newman said...

Not that I ever post on here, but these guidelines seem sensible to me. A blog owner has the right to impose whatever rules he likes, whether they be for the purpose of improving quality or making the job of the administrators easier.

This is not a free speech issue, as anyone who doesn't like the rules is free to set up their own blog or join another which doesn't impose such restrictions.

For what it's worth, IMO the quality of posts on this blog nosedived some time back. These guidelines are a necessary step to recover past form.

samuraisam said...

fahad: That particular item is referring to the removal of stuff for legal reason; just remember, no one understands the laws here, but I never want to go to jail for something you wrote. Did I say I wouldn't give a reason?

tim newman: thanks

Anonymous said...

While we are at it, how about the posters follow the Blogger's Code of Conduct

Prometheus said...

Agreed that we need some semblance of rules here. There have been advert-posts and sledging in the comments.

Sam, 'uncooked' refers to 'relevance to the act of blogging'. What exactly are we getting at? As regards relevance to the region, if a post has nothing to do with the UAE per se, but has some bearing on the human condition, will it not be accepted here?

With "rules", one needs to word them precisely. Like legalese. Prevents misinterpretation. "No arguments" is totalitarian. As in no one can disagree with an administrator. This one could've been worded a bit more precisely.

Tim, while you are absolutely correct about the 'free speech' thing, telling people to go form splinter groups if they don't like it here isn't a good idea. This place needs both good admins and good members. Splinter sites would simply take away some of the charm.

samuraisam said...

prometheus:"Sam, 'uncooked' refers to 'relevance to the act of blogging'"
Relevance to the act of blogging simply means a news article or what not about bloggers blogging; a good example would be this article poo linked to.

"As regards relevance to the region, if a post has nothing to do with the UAE per se, but has some bearing on the human condition, will it not be accepted here?"
There is no such thing as "not accepted"; not all posts will be removed. I'm not sure quite what you mean by 'human condition' in this context; can you please elaborate?

"With "rules", one needs to word them precisely. Like legalese. Prevents misinterpretation."
Well these aren't exactly set in stone right now, when they are improved a bit better I'll make a permanent link to this post on the side of the blog.

"No arguments" is totalitarian. As in no one can disagree with an administrator. This one could've been worded a bit more precisely.
I agree; I've reworded it.

Anonymous said...

You never read Brave New World? People need to read more.I was calling you a pseudo Hitler-wannabe.

Lirun said...


this is relevant..

apparently the blogging community has spoken out against codes..

BuJ said...

That's a good post Sam. Good work.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic Dubai Municipality Evictions

We came to this country to rise it from the dust and sand of the desert. We did that with ease over the past years with our efforts and brains which the locals lack. We then expected to return home but to find that our electricity and water supply is disconnected. What kind of rules are these for expats who are greatly needed to make this country prosperous and live up to the world scales. This is the only city in the world that evicts humans species from our shelters and this is what, because of rules and religious reasons??? We came to work and thrive like everyone else, so if your government is going to make our life miserable like you have now to thousands of people who do jobs that you locals don;t have the guts and brains to do, then may God punish those who made this pathetic law because of you our life have become miserable and we were forced to waste more money just to find another ridiculously expensive accommodation that only rich people can afford. What do you think you are doing to us? The government is not helping anybody by evicting families and even bachelors have the right to live and work so what the hell do you think you are doing to Dubai residents with your stupid laws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We work while you sit on a large stash of money with no brains whatsoever to ruin your entire country.

Anonymous said...

Be aware of too many dental fraud in this beautiful city. My friend was one of their victims a few months ago. They took loan from bank to pay for her husband's dental treatment. Later they found out that more than 70% of his treatment was completely false. Somebody has to put stop to these well-dressed high class thieves.

Anonymous said...

Respected sir /madam,My landlord is increasing the rent of my flat i want to know how much he can increase as well as he is asking us to pay for the parking also .Please can u let us know what will be the new rent hike from jan.2009 and is he allowed to charge for the parking Thanks

Anonymous said...

I got sorry for some posts here. For "A Blessing in Tragedy" talking ruthlessly about human nature, I just can say, please for the sake of yourself and other people around you go and visit one psychiatrist asap. You certainly has a disease.
Clearly other people living in emirates are scared to post their real opinion on this stone aged behavour of some ruler's family or whoever he is. I hope UAE government would punish this guy with what he deserves soon and appologize for this behaviour. Otherwise this is an end to a country claiming to be islamic. Instead of concern what people are wearing in malls, it's better first to stop those who make people naked in desert.
"One government can survive without any religion but without justice never..."

Addy said...

Seem like sensible rules and regulation. A blogger need keep the control in his hand so he can manage things. As you said i have the right to remove the posting that is good. As anyone can write some thing bad which can hurt the whole community.

alba said...

and thats the rea rule in there!!!

alba said...

i would say a positive vibes for that

Anonymous said...

I just want to let all readers that the Ruler of UAE, has build 5 palaces in Seychelles- Indian Ocean. One of the place build is use only for entertainment. When they in Seychelles we also see a huge amount of girls age 16 above with them. the amount of girls can be around 20-30 at a time.

Alcohol, music during the stay every night and sleep during the day.

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