31 August, 2008

New Blocked Sites Graphic

Have you seen it yet? The new graphic they put up when you try to access a site/domain that is blocked?

It also links to the "Prohibited Content Categories" PDF document.

I should add I'm on Etisalat DSL. Are you on Du? If so, do you see same graphic?

28 August, 2008

Dubai 10 years from now?

Could this be how Dubai turns out 10 years from now?

"From boom town to ghost town

Lying just 20 miles south of Madrid, Sesena was designed as a major urbanisation for professionals who could not afford city prices.

But there are few signs of life at Sesena, now dubbed the Spanish ghost town.


27 August, 2008

The Million Dollar Vacation

The Emirates Palace resort in Abu Dhabi has announced a Million Dollar Travel package that it promises “incarnates pure opulence.”

Along with first-class airfare and seven nights at a giant suite at the Palace, the package includes:

  • Chauffeur-driven Maybach at your disposal daily during your stay in Abu Dhabi. 
  • Daily spa treatments. 
  • Day trip in private jet to Iran where you’ll create your own Persian carpet with the country’s most-exclusive and best-renowned hand-maker.
  • Day trip to Bahrain in private jet for “a pearl deep sea experience,” with the pearl then hand-designed with jewellery settings.

story here

26 August, 2008

MTV Arabia - no music videos during Ramadan

Just curious what people think.

MTV to drop music videos during Ramadan

Is this needed?

Also - why is music required to be restricted more than other media - movies, TV, internet - during Ramadan?

Disclaimer - I'm trying to understand, not pick a fight. Thanks.

twitter and last.fm

Finally both www.twitter.com and www.last.fm have been unblocked by Etisalat.

25 August, 2008

In LA, then Iran, then back to AD

I'm in LA working on some film projects, then going to be filming/visiting in Iran.

I have started a new blogsite, if you live in the UAE, or are Iranian, please feel free to send pix and videos. It's called, We the People.

I have also been posting on my site about my stay here in LA and Iran project. While I certainly miss AD, it's 78F here and I don't miss the heat!

Dubai Government eComplaint

It's always great to see procedures that are otherwise torturous done electronically. I had the misfortune of dealing with Dubai Courts recently. I felt unhappy about the way things have gone (I got the verdict I wanted, but that's not it).. so I thought, hey, let's file an eComplaint, eh?

Little problem. Apparently the entire eGovernment initiative is only designed for IE (Internet Explorer). For those uninitiated, this means that anyone not using Microsoft's browser (and operating system) is locked out of utilizing the eGovernment services.

It is a shame that such an initiative lacks the common sense of being standards compliant and not discriminating against users because of their choice of system. There is absolutely no excuse for such an oversight (or lack of initiative). If Dubai is serious about eGovernment, they should reconsider their technology partners.

22 August, 2008

Too Much Hatred Against Dubai!

Burj Dubai Picture by David Hobcote

I can't believe how much hatred those people had against Dubai!

Geekologie added a blog showing some pictures of Dubai taken by David Hobcote. I was blown away when I read the comments posted below the blog. That was too much! The blog does not talk about politics nor religion nor anything like that. The post was just showing some nice pictures of Dubai. I have no idea how the pictures hit the nerves of those people. Is it just me? Read for yourself and tell me if I'm exaggerating.

18 August, 2008

Pakistan's President Musharraf announces resignation

"Islamabad: Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf has announced plans to resign in a televised address to the nation.

Facing much pressure to step down or face impeachment, Musharraf said he could not see Pakistan launch itself in a new conflict and therefore has decided to resign."

Click here to read the full article.

Source: GulfNews

This really sucks. Being an Indian, what happens in Pakistan really does not matter to me or affect me but I really believed Pervez Musharraf was the best thing that happening to Pakistan for a very long time (from my point of view). He was in the army so he did fight for his country and he did try to make Pakistan progress into the right direction. Now the country has been handed over to Nawaz Sharif who's main agenda seems like he wants to take revenge on Musharraf for what he did to him 8 years ago [plus he's a corrupt useless leader] and
Asif Ali Zardari who as most of us know is a crook.

16 August, 2008

Iron Man in Dubai

I'm sure we've all begun to notice the mentions of 'Dubai' in hollywood in recent times, more often than not they seem completely forced and out of context with the rest of the movie. But nothing could ever possibly beat this clip as being the worst example of product placement ever.

I'd post the video directly here but it is minorly NSFW/PG-13.

WIRED: Iron Man Deleted Scene Shows Tony Stark's Party Pad

Youtube link: http://youtube.com/?v=KW6jzPVbjlo

(from the youtube description: "Tony Stark orders poor put-upon Pepper Potts to organize a last-minute party at his house in Dubai. Then, after some painfully awkward party dialog that probably should have been cut, he ends up with three hotties in his bed. Cue fireworks, and... it's Bruce Wayne time.")

That was bad.

12 August, 2008

DSS Photography Exhibition

When: 12.08.2008 - 19.08.2008
Where: Jewelry Court, Deira City Center

An opportunity for photographers to display their creativity, the exhibition attracts some of the best talents in the country.

In 2008, the Photography Exhibition is open to all creative photographers, whose entries will be judged by an eminent jury for awards. The themes covered are varied and include nature, people, wildlife, and DSS itself. The competition is open to photographers across the UAE and the GCC. On Aug.19, a ceremony will be conducted to hand over prizes to coincide with the World Photography Day.


I am one of the participants whose photographs are being exhibited... I'm looking forward to the opening ceremony tomorrow evening. My "labourer series" of photographs are being exhibited (you can find them on my blog)... am hoping there's a good crowd!


Am I the only one who's slightly confused over this?
Today, in the Tabloid section of the
Gulf News, the choice of blog posts published in the weekly 'Blogosphere' round up includes our very own secret dubai.

According to all the clicking I've done - from my own blogroll to the GN link - secretdubai's blog is forbidden.

So, we (as in UAE dwellers) are not allowed to see what secretdubai has written, but 'journalists' are permitted to read her blog & then publish it in a national newspaper.

Another helping of double standards anyone?

10 August, 2008

Harry Potter banned in UAE Private Schools?

I know the following link is a few years old but I found it intriguing:

The bestselling children's book Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, by JK Rowling has been banned from use in private schools in the United Arab Emirates.

The Ministry of Education and Youth is understood to have made the decision because it believes the story is contrary to Islamic values...

The precise reason for the Potter ban is not known, but tales of the supernatural have reportedly been known to cause unease in some Islamic countries.

The entire BBC article can be read here.

I'm curious to know what the current status is as it's been 6 years since the article was published.

Friday bazaar

i was wondering if anyone in the community would be interested in a car-boot / rummage / garage sale?

feedback and ideas would be appreciated.  

08 August, 2008

Good luck to the UAE Olympic team!

Bring us back some medals!

04 August, 2008

Dubai, a sax-less city?

I've been looking for Saxophonists in Dubai... without any success!
Even Keva canceled its Tuesday sax night.
Any saxophonist - or saxophonist's friend - on this community Blog?

Animal Cruelty Laws

Finally they have going to have animal cruelty laws. Now at least people will be fined or jailed for mistreating animals.

About time...when you hear about some of the things that happen here and how animals are treated, it makes you really angry. Now how about more regulations for those who traffic people?

Gulf News Article