23 February, 2012

Twinge Sharjah - The Sharjah Urban Arts Festival

Twinge Sharjah
The Twitter Fringe
Sharjah's Urban Festival of the Arts

Saturday, 25 February until Friday, 2 March, 2011

Maraya Art Centre (1st Floor) Al Qasba Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Doors open: 6pm Show starts: 8pm

25 February - Literature Night: 
Alexander McNabb – Author of Olives
Abdulla Kassim
 Noura Noman

26 February - Fashion Night:
Laila Akeel

27 February - Film Night:
Beno Saradzic
Shahid Azam
Faisal Hashmi
Ashraf Ghori
Haneen Kanaan
Omar Tanira
Neel Kumar

28 February - Comedy Night
Presented by Dubomedy 
Mai, Jamal (will include Urdu), Esmail, Omar S, Andre hosts and Omar Ismail will be the featured Emirati pro-comic closing the show. 3 Arabs, 1 indian, 1 American and an Iranian who speaks Arabic and Urdu

29 February 
Exclusive Publisher Night: With Jamal Al Shehhi and Kuttab Publishing, a book launch

1 March - Music Night: 
Desert Heat
Tiny Hassan
Heba Rashid
Generation Band
4 Brownies

2 March - Poetry Night: 
Farah Chamma
Muneer Jaihoon
Haneen Assaf
Abdulla Kassim
Shamma Kabital
Afra Atiq

Display Artists: 
Catalin Marin - Photography
Noha Mourad - Painting
Deema Hatahet – Digital Art
Wafaa Amer - Painting
Salam – Jewellery
Sumaya Ibrahim – Photography

Traditional Handicraft from the UAE

14 February, 2012

The Long Road to Recovery

The following article appeared on the Mises Economics Blog:

From what's being predicted, it appears that it'll take another 24 months before we see greener pastures on the horizon.

And that's just a wild guess based on the current outlook.

07 February, 2012


I had originally posted a 1-minute video of the Earth view from the ISS here.

I discovered an even better (5-minute) version at LunaticOutpost, a forum that still hasn't lost its marbles to the likes of senseless & originality-lacking one-liner tweets, the narcissism-laced facebookers and/or any other crappy sites.

Some of you may argue, what does this post have to do with the UAE Community Blog? Well, I'll tell ya', you're right, it's got nothing to do with this Community but I'm just playing my role in keeping it alive (when I can) from a heavy work schedule and family life.

Enjoy the ride and help keep this Community alive.

Until later :)