22 December, 2010

A consultant's notes

A friend just sent me the links below, which is a consultant (from Boston Consulting Group/BCG) writing about his time in Dubai. Please find the links below, along. It is nice to read an inside view from someone unable to pretend in this country...

I quite liked this quote summing up nicely the work of many consultants I have seen around here:

"In any case it fell to us to decide for ourselves what question we had been hired to answer, and as a matter of convenience, we elected to answer questions that we had already answered in the course of previous cases — no sense in doing new work when old work will do."


19 December, 2010

Light in a dark world: Sami Yusuf

Light in a dark world: Sami Yusuf

Some Really Nice

13 December, 2010

39th UAE National Day 2010 celebrations in Abu Dhabi UAE

The 39th UAE National Day in 2010 was one of the most memorable with people from all nationalities joining in the celebrations as always. Buildings lighted up. Cars decorated in the most unexpected ways. And wars of foam. Here are a few moments captured in the capital - Abu Dhabi.

Courtesy: Copywriter in UAE

09 December, 2010

The Best Advertisement You Will Ever See

Has anyone else come across this advertisement in Dubai by the RTA?

Yes, that's right. The Roads and Transport Authority want to promote people taking taxis in between Emirates Towers and the DIFC Gate.

A whopping distance of 126 meters.