18 November, 2011

TwingeDXB - A Twitter Fringe!

An urban festival? In Dubai?

Yes, an urban festival!


At Wild Peeta in front of the World Trade Centre exhibition halls, just by the metro station.

Wow! Sounds great! When's it happening? 

Starting the 10th December, a week of arts and stuff, with evening events dedicated to books, music, fashion, comedy, drama poetry and film. There's a whole load of happenings already confirmed and loads of room for people to pitch in and take part as performers/artistes and so on.

That's brilliant! Where can I find out more?

Erm, on the event webpage perhaps? It's linked here.

A web page! Cool! I'm off!

Where are you going?

TwingeDXB of course! Hurry up and you might catch up with me!

Because you all needed another Dubai Radio Ad scratching around inside your craniums like a coke-addled lobster, that's why. And because I'll be having the UAE launch of the papery, booky print edition of my book, Olives, there on the first night.

01 November, 2011

Emirates Bank or Phishing?

I received an email this morning - purportedly from the Emirates EBD Bank.

It all looked rather official, but alarm bells were going off as I read that there was an IBAN # generated specifically for my accounts.

I burst out laughing when I got to the instructions and read #3 where it asks me to enter my bank account # to open the attached pdf. Even if this IS an official EBD email, I'm not going to do anything as stupid as that!

Click on image to enlarge

Just a heads-up, people - please advise your family and friends to look out for emails such as this, and if any personal details are requested in order to complete the requirements, that's all the warning you need NOT to proceed.

If this IS an official Emirates EBD email, they're crazy to ask their clients to do this, but then we shouldn't be too surprised at bank antics in the UAE, based on past performances!