08 January, 2011

The most inspiring story of 2010

There were many things that made international news from the UAE in 2010.

One story that caught my attention and touched me deep within was that of Haidar Taleb.

Haidar travelled 80 miles nonstop for 14 hours. And then 300 miles across the UAE on National Day. See this movie to find out why it was so special...

It was the most inspiring story out of the UAE - and we captured it on film to share our emotion with more people here and around the world...

[Via Copywriter in UAE blog]

01 January, 2011

Happy New Year

If the fireworks at Burj Khalifa are anything to go by, 2011 doesn't seem too promising but keeping some optimism in our heads, here's hoping for happier times in 2011 and beyond...