13 November, 2009

.il (Israel) TLD unblocked?

Has anyone else found the Israeli TLD to be unblocked from the UAE?
On my Etisalat connection it seems to be open.

Here's a URL you can try it on: http://www.google.co.il/


Lirun said...

very cool

hope its not an accident

David said...

Hey guys!!
Yea i guess so cuz 2 weeks ago i clicked a link which ended in gov.il and it opened but another link ending in .co.il didnt open.
i think they are unblocking them gradually?!?!!

Jad Aoun said...

Tried a few .il websites on my Du connection and they all seem to open.

Kyle said...

Now that the .il is off the hook, will the proxy be next?

Dubai Jazz said...

Yes, why not?

I for one would like to learn more about the zionists and their 'democracy'. Knowing your enemy better is step one to beating them.

Anonymous said...

This ban was really stupid. It's not like pro/anti israeli website only used .il domain.

Dubai Jazz: Good source of information on the "enemy" which isn't completely biased is haaretz.com. Wasn't banned before and still isn't.

Now if they could un-ban flickr that would be progress.

Lirun said...

dubai jazz.. if u really cared to know you would engage with me as a human being and talk.. but i am sorry to tell you that you will not benefit from this change.. because your heart and head are so packed with hatred that you have no room to store anything learned..

ur loss habibi

Anonymous said...

Dude, I mean this is ridiculous. Banning benign sites with (.il) in the end is a totally ludicrous idea. I thought that blocked sites were blocked because of their content, not of their TLD. Really, really idiotic...

Dubai Jazz said...


I don't think talking to you will be of any benefit. You're insignificant in the big scheme of things.

As far as hearts and heads filled with hatred I'd suggest you go and examine your own back yard before you resort to ad hominem. Your society is full of hatred, racism, terrorist settlers and war criminals.

And one more thing, try to fix your Caps Lock.

Lirun said...

if i was so insignificant you wouldnt make such a particular effort to be so offensive to me over and over.. apparently i am significant enough for you to nfeel you need to show the world how narrow your horizons are..

i have no idea what your objective is.. but your conduct doesnt save a single palestinian life.. it doesnt improve anything or make anyone more benevolent..

Dubai Jazz said...

but your conduct doesnt save a single palestinian life

As opposed to the overall Israeli conduct getting them killed. How refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Dubai Jazz & Lirun


For a change, it would be nice if you guys could actually contribute to the topic at hand instead of politicizing the issue because this is hardly the place to do so.

Time and again, I can see both of you demonstrating your love for each other, pun intended, but this is hardly the place for passion. On the contrary. The ideal place for these would be your own blogs, which I'll admit are interesting in their own right.

Most importantly, this comment is not intended as a threat or warning but rather a request to both of you to refrain from using this blog as a battleground for your conflicts.

Thank you for your attention.

Lirun said...

fair enough - i instigated this time - i apologise

bit the bate..

but it is relevant.. so now a tld is unblocked and who knows whether its by design or error.. although if it remains unblocked then at the very least it may be acquiessence..

what now.. can people finally learn about eachother? accept that we are all human and transcend the barriers that our governments place between us? or do we further fortify by setting up our own barriers?

the tld can be blocked or unblocked as it may.. but what about society's tlds..

Anonymous said...

but what about society's tlds..


In time, they too will be unblocked, once we realize their key lies within us.

Lirun said...


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