11 November, 2008

Dubai And The Music Industry

I've been noticing that Dubai is becoming a hot spot for the music industry. Many famous artists from all around the world come here to perform whether it is exclusively for Dubai or making Dubai part of their tour destination.
Many Arab artists are even starting out in Dubai and are being promoted on the Radio.

Take Radio One (104.1) for example. They have a weekly session just to promote the local talents and that builds up to them becoming world famous.

This thought has crossed my mind and I just wanted to find out what others think about it. Do you think that Dubai is becoming a hot spot for the music industry? Will Dubai become like L.A in terms of people coming here to get their big break?


Anonymous said...

The UAE will never compete with LA on any international level.

Think about what doesn't fit into this sentence:

Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll, UAE

Foreigner at home said...

Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll, UAE...

I think everthing fits in place... even if on a low key but everthing is available here.

Anyways, how is the UAE going to cope up with "saving the heritage" in contrast of making money is a totally different question.

Anonymous said...

Its never going to happpen - its all part of the Dubai hype!
LA doesn't need to throw big money to get attention, whilst Dubai has to throw massive amounts of cash for tournaments, celebrities etc.
Who would come if they didn't!

Anonymous said...

Could it bee Rock & Roll?

Lirun said...

i have some palestinian friends who are musicians who have come to dubai to get things started..

bwana_daoudi said...

big acts are only coming here for a one-off paycheck, not to start a musical revolution. if there is no underground scene, there is NO scene.

Al-Maawali said...


I am not too convinced about your comment. When I compared Dubai to L.A, I didn't mean it in terms of corruption. Are you saying that good music can not be made without sex and drugs?

And I wouldn't say never. After all, Dubai is all about breaking records, right?

Anonymous said...

With the current situation in the USA, perhaps your wish may come true!


Duffy said...

"Will Dubai become like L.A in terms of people coming here to get their big break?"


Regional artists? Sure. The next U2? No way.

Anonymous said...

duffys being very smart here 2 bad he looks like ronaldinos arse

Al-Maawali said...

Hey, something is wrong with my browser. I didn't see the other comments but the first one and that's why I only replied to that.

That's true. It is all available but that isn't an ingredient for making good music, like a mentioned earlier.

Anon @ 11:27,
That's also true but that's because L.A is already established. And the only way to compete with what's already there and to be successful is to throw some serious money into it. Don't you think?

Yep, my point exactly...

Yes, they come here not for a revolution but they come here regardlessly. Because, like anon mentioned earlier, there is serious money to be made here. But because this is happening, Dubai is put in the map and is recognized as a place to be. Don't you think that will affect the music industry here by any means?

Anon @ 17:30,
It wasn't really a wish but it would be nice if it did. At least, some more people will feel like they have a shot.

Why not? There is an artist who got his break in Dubai and now is making it big in the US. I can't remember his name and I am hoping that someone does but he has been interviewed in Radio One a couple of days ago. And he talked about his experience dining with Kanye, Beyonce and many other major artists. There is hope I think.

Mr DtP said...

OK - having grown up in the 70s and 80s rock and roll meant - sex, drugs, cars in hotels, TVs lobbed into swimming pools and generally annoying your parents...none of which are allowed in the UAE, well perhaps buffoons in 4x4s crashing into their compound pool but that's another matter.

Then again we are talking music industry which is another beast altogether hence the ieneffably bland mum and dad rock of Celine Dion, Sting, Geldorf, Aguillera and I do believe James Blunt is due in soon. Not exactly stuff to set the pulses racing unless you happen to be stuck in Al Ain.

...as it's all about money then I suppose Dubai is the place for it.

rosh said...

Al-Maawali: comment moderation is on, hence the delay.

Anonymous said...

Compared to western european cities of similar size, the concert scene in Dubai is quite small. Some big names (btw: if the money was not right, the stars would also not come to London, Paris, Stockholm, Barcelona) come, but it is the local and regional bands that play nearly every evening. Dubai is far away from that.
But "hot spot" for the music industry would also mean the right infastructure like studios, record labels, musicians, radio stations. I do not know much about these factors, but as for radio stations the available ones in English are lame and not vey innovative. Just the big international songs.
So: No. I doubt Dubai becoming comparable to L.A. or London, but it might become a regional hot spot.

Al-Maawali said...

mr dpt,
OK, a person who thinks that might happen for a change. Funny comment BTW.

Oh of course! How stupid of me :p

Mr DtP said...

Hey - hot off the press, a Queen tribute band are coming to town....which, along with Celine and Mr Blunt about sums it all up, as far as western pap music hereabouts goes anyway. Er, ... Las Vegas with the kitch but without the mojo...

Al-Maawali said...

Anon @ 13 November, 2008 09:53,
Dubai has all the studios, record labels, musicians and radio stations. I kinda agree with you about the radio stations being lame but that's because that's Dubai's taste of music. Almost all of the radio stations hear play what the listeners want them to play (majority) and they do so through their websites and caller request. So you might as well say, Dubai's taste of music is lame.

Ya, concerts are smaller and all but Dubai is very very young in that field. It is a baby if compared with those Western European countries you are talking about.

I can see why you don't think that it will ever become an international hot-spot for the music industry but I still think that there is a chance that might happen :)

mr dtp,
Great news! I can't wait :D

Mr DtP said...

Good comment al-Maawli

Expect to see you at Kylie OK.

Al-Maawali said...

Thank you mr dtp.

I am not sure the Kylie concert though. I am not a fan.

Anonymous said...

"Expect to see you at Kylie OK."


Anonymous said...

The next LA? Unlikely. The next Las Vegas? Well, flipping investment properties and stocks is a bit different from flipping cards, but the ultimate payoff is the same for most participants.

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