28 November, 2008


According to Gulf News, More than 10,000 taxis face ban by end of 2009; at least 3600 of those removed will be in Dubai.

Compare that to the number of vehicles in Dubai Taxi's fleet:
3000(or at least that's what it says on their website).

Impending taxi-booking disaster anyone? Oh wait, we're already there.


Anonymous said...

Well i hope they introduce to balance these removed taxi.. i live in abu dhabi and to be honest i jus hope they introduce more taxi coz there is already less taxi to serve the needy ,,,,,,

Seabee said...
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Seabee said...

It seems there are about 8,000 taxis in total in Dubai so taking out 3,000 is huge. The sensible thing to do is to take out an old one only when a new one is brought in to replace it. Any bets on whether the RTA will do that?

CG said...

Ha! This is nearly as funny as Salik. I love Dubai.

Scarlett O'Hara said...

That means 3,000+ taxi drivers losing their jobs, right?

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