20 November, 2008

Multi-national Dubai police

Does anyone have an idea as to whether the 50% or so of the latest Dubai police academy graduates (see Gulf News story link below) who are NOT Emirati will be serving in Dubai? Or whether the Yemenis, Palestinians, Omanis and others are just getting the police training here, and then heading back home?


Dubai Nikolai


Proud Emirati said...

The non Emirati nationals serving in Dubai are not usually officers .....

Petite For Life said...

I can understand if they have an AGCC citizen as part of the Dubai police, but they may have their own reason.

Anonymous said...

I worked for Dubai Police couple years ago & dealt with the Police Academy. I can say that non UAE citizens who study at the academy will return to & will be serving their own countries upon graduation.

Anonymous said...

If u no how to spik englesh then u r not allowed to b a police offiser in UAE. Look at bolice wepsite for broof of zis fact.

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