14 November, 2008

GN or the National?

You decide,
Accused had no intention to kill victim
and, and... so, so... It just leaves you wondering.

Motorist who reversed over woman ‘only meant to scare her’
Thank you. Now I can go on to the next story.

I have to admit I was skeptical on hearing that a new national newspaper was coming out of Abu Dhabi when The National was announced at the start of 2008. Abu Dhabi is hardly known for being informative or transparent when it comes to reporting what happens. Remember the March FOG crashes? Separate from Ghantoot was another 80-car crash near Shahama. There was no news coverage!

I've heard the complaint, "The National articles are too long." I won't dispute that. They are long, and who has time--we're all busy with school, work, family, etc. But I much prefer the option of choosing to stop reading rather than being left hanging by incomplete reporting. If it is a really tantalizing story, then I have to waste more time searching the Internet for the rest of the story.

It isn't even just that The National goes more in depth. The articles are also much, much better written. Compare just the opening lines of the two articles linked to. The National very clearly sets the stage, while the GN starts out and continues with a series of teaser lines.


i*maginate said...

beware, the journo brigade is out and they will tell ya (anonymously, of course) that your post is petty. ;-)

The Nat. is OK but I don't read it...it's too long, and given censorship, it's not like we expect to see 'new news' too often, so long articles are a waste of words, in my opinion...GN has good local news coverage but the standard of language is abysmal, so both papers have their pros and cons. I find more and more that community forums are where the real facts are.

hemlock said...

i want to cry every time i read something in gulf news. the editing is terrible. the news stories make no sense and the reporting is really bad.

the national, on teh other hand, is a TREAT to read. they have excellent human interest stories and features, and so what if there is little serious news. we have grapevines for that, and not that GN does groundbreaking investigations.

go National!

Doubleletter said...

I love thenational.ae. It is just what a newspaper's website should be - focus on text and news, not crap. The print version is clean, too.

The also cover a variety of topics in their articles.

Number 1 by far, the national.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

I don't mind long articles at all. Sometimes you've got to write long enough to do the story justice.
For opinions and commentaries on international affairs, Gulf News largely depends on borrowed article from the New York Times or the Christian Science Monitor, while The National has its own writers who are well-versed in world and Middle East politics. (Even though some of them are biased neo-con Lebanese right wing propagandists!)

The National, in my humble opinion, is certainly better.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! One can get killed if found blocking the road!! Is this the wild west?
Guess such incidents are common place. Hence ppl are more worried about the stadard of the language the than the case itself!


Mr DtP said...

I like the National it does not leave your brain feeling quite as empty as a dose of copied and pasted news from Gulf.

Having said that the GN has its place - it does seem to pre-announce edicts a few days before they are imposed ...and the people's polls and letters pages invariably allow for a raised eyebrow moment.

Ronnie said...

Hmm, I had often thought that there were some mad Emiratis out there who thought they had the right to run down everybody who disagreed with them. Now my theory has been confirmed!

But what sort of sentence will he get - 2 or 3 years in jail? Of course, if it had been an expat (a Pakistani, say!?) who had given the same treatment to an Emirati (especially one with mucho wasta), he would have been imprisoned and then deported without a trail even.

Nice country, eh? Did somebody mention 'the Rule of Law' just then?!

Anonymous said...

Can u spare ur crap Ronnie, I don't think that he had the intention to actually run over her even though we all have those thoughts sometimes.

rosh said...

Anon, you sarcastic or serious?

Mohammed said...

anon, you sound a lot like ABIT, who was a frequent visitor to this blog, and often mentioned his wish to run over expats with his SUV......

Anonymous said...

The National, but since they started deliverying it for free I dont find it on the stores and not always get it on my building - so I end up whitout it every now and then....

Zafar said...

this man ran over the woman while reversing and the lawyer (liar) of this man says he wanted to scare her not kill her......

I dont find any confusion in making my decision against this man and convict him under the premeditated murder case. This is very simple, he tried to scare her but could not control himself and killed her. He should be given the maximum punishment and be killed if possible in the same way as he did to this woman.

Abu Dhabi Blogger said...

The article about "intending to scare" was just horrific journalism. As for the papers, I always prefer The National because GN seems to be full of PR nonsense. Generally, the quality of print media here is very poor and newspapers have a flare for reproducing press releases more than anything else. Plagiarism can be blatant and unabated; I have had the synopsis of one of my reports pasted in a comment in Business 24/7, which until that moment I really liked. I sent a long email to the editor asking him to print an apology and ascribe the content to my research report but they did not even dignify my claim with a response. We decided to share the information with everyone at our firm and our clients instead! For me, The National comes out as the winner in this poor industry.

Mr DtP said...

...he tried to scare her but could not control himself and killed her. He should be given the maximum punishment and be killed if possible in the same way as he did to this woman.

So Zafar you suggest that it would be fair for the powers that be to try to scare matey to death before reversing over him?

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