21 July, 2009

Dubai Clock Tower

So after a little over 8 months the flashy Omega clock is off the clock tower and is being replaced by the one it had replaced. Omega had a three year contract, and quoting Gulf news:

"We have entered into a contract with a local agent for three years. He will be making a payment of Dh750,000 to the municipality [in lieu of publicity] and will be responsible for the maintenance of the clocks over the three-year period. One advantage of linking the clocks to GPS is that it does away with the need to manually adjust the hands," said Al Fuqae."

So I suppose recession strikes again, but for once I feel good about it!! :D
Sorry for the crappy image, but it's difficult trying to take a picture while driving especially with a really slow focusing mobile camera... :|


stroobia said...

"it's difficult trying to take a picture while driving"

It is also dangerous. You should have parked your car to take the pic! It would have been safer for you and other drivers, and you'd have provided us with a better pic... too bad.

Anonymous said...

I wish you wouldn't take pictures and drive.

Anonymous said...

That is a picture of you in a car while moving? Dude I couldnt take a picture half as good while standing still.

So they gonna sell the rights to the clock to Paris hilton next? She has a watch brand.

Stained said...

The road was empty and I was travelling at 10kmph.... :)

Anonymous said...

ohhh... While I was driving.. I saw a guy on the same day with a canon taking the same exact shot/angel with a canon DSLR while the crane is working..

when I saw this pic posted by you I thought its you the guy who was photographing :D

Anonymous said...

Stained said...
The road was empty and I was travelling at 10kmph.... :)

How much do you charge for your services? And no, this isnt some start to a dirty joke.

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