02 July, 2009

‘You’re American? I Should Kill You!’

An American interns as a reporter in Dubai and lives in a Sharjah apartment with 9 other men who are from Palestine, Lebanon or Iraq.

Cory Eldridge's story


Dubai Jazz said...

Awesome story. A good break from the clutter and journalisitic pollution out there.

Thanks for posting NZM!

nzm said...

Thanks DJ.

I found it interesting that he lived in a situation that most westerners would not consider as an option.

amazingsusan said...

Wow. u got that right DJ.

Thanks nzm for posting this link to a great story. He's a talented writer. More on his blog here: http://tinyurl.com/mrag6d

Sidestreaker said...

I love it, beautifully written and looks into the matter directly in the face.

Anonymous said...

Where's fakhruddin ?

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