23 July, 2009

RAK officials toss shoes

Why do these kinds of things only seems to happen in Ras Al Khaimah:
The Inspection and Customer Protection Section at the emirate's Department of Economic Development seized on Wednesday a huge quantity of women's shoes with the name of God (Allah) printed on them.

Njoud Ahmad Al Mutawa, the section's acting head, said that the shop, one of the emirate's biggest showrooms, specialises in selling various types of shoes.
Read it all in Gulf News.

Actually, it's not just RAK that's susceptible to these kinds of events. Back in 2006 John 3:16 should up in an odd place in Sharjah.


Anonymous said...

Well, Njoud's last name seems appropriate for the job.

Honestly, a LOT Of patterns would fit the 'Allah' word when written in Arabic. It's too easy to do and so I doubt any of them were done intentionally.

BuJassem said...

This is so unfair!!

They should go one step further and toss out all expats that don't believe in objects with "Allah printed on them".


i*maginate said...

They toss shoes? They should toss tossers out too.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

This is actually done intentionally, but not out of spite.

This is what probably happened, the shoe factory (in this case) in whatever country, Italy, China, Nicaragua... knows that oh, there are many Muslims in the world and that if we make a shoe geared towards them, we'll sell alot more.

So they make one, with minimal background about islam, and they choose something holy to Muslims, God's name. No knowing that oh, putting that on a shoe would be the worst thing in the world in this part of the world.

I remember once seeing shoes that said "waht would Jesus do?" on a shoe in Arizona, they were made in China. Again, they wanted to boost sales to Christians, Not knowing that they'd offend people.

Take them off the shelves. Simple. not everything has to turn into a huge Turkish soap opera.

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