27 July, 2009


There are occasional outbreaks of "let's have a bloggers get-together" on the community blog, although they don't appear to result in actual get-togethers. So here's your chance, people.

The nice people at Uber-funky Dubai hangout The Shelter are hosting GeekFest on Wednesday the 29th July. It should be interesting - billed as an offline social for online socialisers, the get together is resolutely un-organised, has absolutely no objectives whatsoever and features no sponsors, PowerPoint presentations, speeches or other form of corporatised torture.

The gathering will start at 5pm, although if anyone's early it will start earlier. If everyone's late, it'll start later. If nobody turns up, it won't start at all. But then it won't end, either.

The Shelter has a nice More cafe for refreshments and funky music.

The idea was born out of a meeting that took place some time ago between The Shelter's Saadia Zahid, Simone 'DiscoBallBreaker' Sebastian and yours truly. We've taken ages to get around to not organising it.

If you don't know how to get to The Shelter, this Google Map Link should help.

You can follow @geekfestdubai on Twitter if you like. If this one is fun, we'll do more of them and maybe even include some more 'organised' elements. Or maybe not.

Anyway, do feel free to toddle along to The Shelter on Wednesday afternoon!


Anonymous said...

I'm so disappointed - I fly off on my vacation Wednesday morning!

It really would've been great to meet some other bloggers from the UAE, and possibly give a big thanks to the moderators of UAE Community Blog who put me on their blogroll.

In any case, I wish you all the best, and I hope I can be there for future events!

Anonymous said...
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D said...

Can we get there at 5:30pm?

Anonymous said...

is it a pub like place? is it suitable for muslim ladies???

Anonymous said...
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D said...

It's not a pub :S

Lirun said...

wish i could swing by :)

alexander... said...

The Shelter does not serve alcohol.

ABIT - Sure, son. I'm a copper. You feel important and wanted now?

Dubai Entrepreneur said...


So how much does the Israeli government pay you to post on this forum? I read that their budget is only $150,000 (not sure for how long), to have people like you, go around forums and blogs and writing comments to promote the Israeli view.

Full disclosure would be appreciated.

alexander, No ALCOHOL! So this place is not suitable for non-muslim non-ladies? :) Do they at least have good coffee?

Grumpy Goat said...

So it starts early while the wage-slaves are still slaving. Any idea how long it'll go on for?

I'd hate to turn up at say 7:30 and be greeted only by tumbleweed and chirping crickets.

alexander... said...

A quick thank you to the 100 or so bods who came along, chatter, drank coffee and hung out. Some great conversations, cool contacts, interesting viewpoints and a lot of general hobnobbing with a really smart, nice bunch of people.

Cheers all!

Lirun said...

lol @ dubai entrepreneur.. :))

israeli taxes are high dude.. the govt doesnt pay me a cent and i see only a fraction of my own gross income as it is..

i was in the past invited to be a member of this blog and was for a while.. the israeli govt didnt invite me - the administrators did..

the bliss of the internet is that it defies borders walls and fences that people have established over time..

you are no doubt aware of this..

hopefully it doesnt upset you too much.. if it does - u can opt for a border safe alternative called chinese whispers.. but your exposure to different views might be limited and frighteningly boring..

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