02 July, 2009

Internet Guru Leo Laporte To Talk At Tedx Dubai

TEDx Dubai 2009 announced yesterday that internet legend Leo Laporte will speak at its October 10 conference.

Laporte is a journalist specialized in technology; he hosts and produces the most popular technology shows on the Internet.

His shows are hosted on the This Week In Technology network (TWIT). All of his productions are available completely for free - he runs his business exclusively through a few sponsors and listeners donations; it is a revolution in the making, the real proof that if you have good content, people will follow you no matter what.

Full story here: TEDx Dubai Blog


EmiratesMac said...

Wow, "internet guru" and "internet legend"... have we had the internet for long enough for someone to be a "legend"? Not sure Leo himself would agree with those labels. Glad he's coming, I had a chance to interview him at Macworld.

grapeshisha said...

Check out my view on Ted Dubai at my blog.

By the way, I LOVE TED, although I am not that way inclined.

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