26 December, 2009

Bahrain: World's Friendliest Country

The Middle East has long had a reputation for being one of the world's perennial trouble spots. But for expatriates, the tiny Persian Gulf county Bahrain ranks as one of the most welcoming places to work.

That's the surprising result of a new survey of 3,100 expatriates conducted by HSBC Bank ( HBC- news - people ). Bahrain ranked first in one key measure of how easy it is for expatriates to set up a new life for their families. It received high marks from expats who like the country's easy access to modern health care, decent and affordable housing, and network of social groups that expatriates can join.

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Anonymous said...

This only means one thing:

We should work harder. Truly, accommodation is a disaster for the expats, when put in respect to their income. I hold my head in dismay when some of my relatives state the prohibitive sums they (partially) pay in annual rent. That's one of the countless issues; hence, drastic measure must be taken.

I remember my parents when they used to tell me that life was once easy and affordable. Allah yer7amk ya baba Zayed. D;

bertN said...

Have a great 2010!!

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