02 December, 2009

The Daily Show: United Arab Emirage

This has been flowing around twitter today:
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United Arab Emirage
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Dubai Jazz said...

"Look for the golf ball I hit off the helipad"

You can't fault the western media for its consistency.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! I laughed so hard @ this XD
John Stewart <3

Abu Dhabi Blogger said...

Gotta love Jon Stewart... I love the Daily Show and I think it puts The Colbert Report to shame.

Anonymous said...

To appreciate Dubai, you need to be living elsewhere in the GCC...say a Kuwait or perhaps a Riyadh...

John B. Chilton said...

The Daily Show can be very very perceptive. Great crew of writers. It's Stewart's delivery that seals it.

I'd wondered if it could keep it up once Bush left the stage, but it has. It's diversified, but it's not avoided pointed humor targeting Obama, too. And, as we see, Dubai.

Silhouette Crime said...

really? that funny? Dubai will rise above this , not funny not funny at all :)

Anonymous said...

I used to like Stewart's show (and still do, to an extent).. but I find Colbert to be funnier and does less Obama-worship.

I also used to like reading Emirates Economist until I started reading too much UAE-worship (yeah, like UAE universities are on par internationally or some other silly stuff that no self-respecting academic would say).

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