03 December, 2009

Family of murdered boy: 'Execute the killer'

Parents of four-year-old boy who was raped and killed seeks death for the murderer.

Dubai: Residents of Al Qusais were in shock over the gruesome rape and murder of a four-year-old Pakistani boy inside the toilet of a mosque where his father prays regularly.

The parents of Mousa - who was found dead on November 27 - said they do not want "diya" or blood money.

The father, Mukhtiar Ahmad Khuda, 30, a driver for Ahmad Eisa Ali General Trading, said that he will accept nothing less than capital punishment for the murderer. "I hope he gets executed," said Jamala Khatoun, Mousa's mother.

Police detained a Bahraini suspect, 30, who they said confessed during interrogation that he killed the boy after sexually assaulting him. He told police he had been drinking alcohol on the night before Eid.
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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord ... that's why I never liked my parents pushing me to go to the mosque alone. I always would insist that my father accompany me, should I be compelled to go there. Similar "washroom" stories was very prevalent in our community, and I just do not know why mosque washrooms in particular.

Al-ain Rose said...

Oh God I'm sick, I've already read about it in the newpapers, what kind of monster is he to rape and then kill mercilessly an annocent & pure soul? he's literally a monster.
To be put to death is a mild punishment compared to his inhuman act.
His parents are criminals as well, Parents shouldn't leave their kids even for I min out of their sight, how did a 4-year-old get to a PUPLIC *MEN* toilet ALONE??? His parents bear the responsibitly of what happened to the poor kid, his parents should be executed before the criminal.

francesca said...

If any good can come out of this it's that I hope parents around the world will be careful about letting their young ones out of their sight. The rape of a child is the most horrible thing I can possibly imagine.

a-hem said...

I think the parents are being punished already, in a matter of ways...

Sheikh Shamal said...

Death would be far too accommodating for this monster. Bring back the old approach - prolonged torture, then skinning alive.

Then, after being hung, drawn and quartered, it was a custom to disembowel the perpetrator, and display his innards on long poles.

Or am I being a touch OTT here?

Abu Dhabi Blogger said...

I am not one to support capital punishment but in a case like this, I would gladly make an exception.
Al-ain Rose: You are being unreasonable in your approach towards the child's parent. As parents, all people have the odd moment of carelessness as we are not perfect beings. If monsters like this man are out there, you can never be too careful.

Media Junkie said...

i think living without their child is punishment enough. and with monsters like that out there, no-one is safe.

Kyle said...

Sheikh Shamal:

I don't think you're being OTT. I think that's a genuine reaction from you. But in this day & age, I don't believe such form of 'capital punishment' is an order of the day.

However, if it brings this angelic child back to life, as a parent I'm all ears to your approach.

Abu Dhabi Blogger said...

Shamal: In this particular instance, I don't think you are being OTT. As a parent, I am speechless at an act as horrible as this. A person who has the ability to exploit children to address his sexual needs is NOT fit for human society. The crime is one of the ugliest in human civilization, if not THE ugliest.

Al-ain Rose said...

No parents are perfect, it happens sometimes to be careless at home, but being careless in a puplic place at any minute would result in such tragic accident you have read above, rape then a murder. I wouldn't let my kid hanging around in a puplic toilet alone, that's crazy. Parents of this insane type don't deserve to have kids.

Anonymous said...

This is the most horrible thing I have ever heard. Only a sick, evil, despicable, horrid, wretched, and wicked monster would do an unspeakable thing such as this to anyone, let alone a poor innocent baby. And committed this heinous crime in a holy place of worship where people generally feel safe? This is so disturbing...Oh Allaah, I pray that may you rectify this affair ameen.

Kyle said...


I totally forgot to mention this earlier but this post of yours was very timely, more so a much needed deviation from the madness that this community was embroiled in during the past few days.

In a way, reading all these comments posted here signifies that we are all one if caught at the right moment, as is evident from the raw emotions flying across the board in these comments.

I pray that this Angelic Child rests in peace.


PD said...

Thanks Kyle & yes, I hope so too.

Can anyone confirm if the laws of Qisas are still carried out in Dubai? I know they are in Sharjah but not so sure about Dubai.

I go to Masjid quite often too, my Dad doesn't drive much anymore because of his knee proble and Im the one usually dropping him so a lot of times I pray in the Womens section too.

Although there are women there, i just realised anyone can walk in because there are no guards and no one would really know... which is scary.

Dubai Jazz said...

Death sentence is too soft here.

I have to ask though: suppose the parents will want the Diya (blood money) and the sick fuck pays, will he be set free?

Anonymous said...

@Dubai Jazz:

"Death sentence is too soft here.

I have to ask though: suppose the parents will want the Diya (blood money) and the sick fuck pays, will he be set free?"

I don't know whether to feel petrified if this demon is set free, or to feel furious on the parents, if they take the blood money.

PD said...

DJ, they're refusing diya, insisting on the execution. I hope they stick to it.

Anyway, even if it comes down to that, i really hope that isn't the case and hes put in jail atleast.

Anonymous said...

My understanding of "diya" or "blood money" is that it applies to cases of manslaughter, not murder.

Al-ain Rose said...

If the same crime had taken place in Kingdom of Saudi, there would have been no way for such monster to get away with his act, he would have been executed with that long scary sword and got his head separated from his rest body, the monster's blood splashed everywhere, laying on the ground headless, wow, it would be so enjoyable for the victim's family to witness the scene, though I'm sure nothing can stop the fire burning deep inside his parent's chests for losing their kid this brutal way. Eventhough I'm not his mom, but when I see Musa's picture and imagine the way he got rapped and killed and he was all helpless & defensless, it hurts my heart alot, I would commit sucide if I were his careless parents, easier than to live in torture for the rest of my life.
If our country just stick to the islamic punishment, our society will be just fine, clean and fully secure.

rosh said...

It's just incomprehensible someone can harm a child and take life. I read similar stories here in North America, but when it hits home, the magnitude and reality is hard to comprehend... disturbs on many levels. A prayer, this young soul is at peace, in a happy place loved and protected.

"that we are all one if caught at the right moment, as is evident from the raw emotions flying across the board in these comments."

Touché, Kyle.

Anonymous said...

Al Ain Rose,

The child was playing outside the mosque with his friends at 11a.m.

The man lured him with the promise of Eidi - it was the first day of Eid. He took the child to the bathroom.

The family stays near the mosque and all children from the neighbourhood play there. The child was not hanging around the toilet.

All families teach their children not to accept gifts from strangers or talk to them...but you are considered safe in your neighbourhood, esp on the day of a big festival.

I understand you are angry...but this is really no one's fault except the rapist's.

You can read about how the children from the neighbourhood and the Mousa's younger brother are petrified of coming out of their houses to play in their own little neighbourhood...

Here: http://pkonweb.com/2009/12/01/pakistani-boy-raped-and-killed-in-mosque-toilet-in-dubai-one-held/

and, here:

BuJ said...

Allah yer7ama

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