07 December, 2009

An honest start to keep Happy "happy"!

‘Happy to be in Dubai; I’ve a better life here’ – says Ms. Happy Bulosan (not her real name), a 22 year-old Filipina resident from Dubai. She and her name – Happy – represent the general state of mind of an estimated 2 million+ Filipinos working in the Middle East. Usually, whatever the time of the day or the place, if you come across a Filipino in the UAE / Middle East, you’d definitely find yourself being charmed by his/her good sense of simple humor, colorful, decent and stylish dress sense, and overall a “Happy-go-Lucky” attitude towards life in general.... (Read On)

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Anonymous said...

"stylish dress sense.."

Hahahahahah, dont get me started.
I too admire the fact that many Filipinos are consistently good in customer service inspite of their low salaries.

At the same time, many people who fawn in admiration for them often do so for 1 particular reason...

Also, the fact that the author praises them for decent customer service says more about the pathetic service in most places here than about "Sorry Sir" after makign a mistake being an amazing bit of customer service...

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: 08Dec
Seems you're one of those who enjoy looking at the "half-empty glass" side of life. Learn to appreciate the good things of life and living. Good luck!

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