14 December, 2009

Scientologist in the UAE

As the gibber goes on about UAE culture, they oughta had the CID at the Sharjah book fair, last month. His, could be fake holiness, L. Ron Hubbard of Dianetics, the science of the mind that has Will Smith and Jada Pinkett looking all glassy-eyed has arrived in the Gulf and they are taking no prisioners.

Posing as two education institute, called Applied Scholastics and The Way to Happiness, they were raking it in at the Bookfair, as everyone wondered "how did they get in?" When approached some officials said the didn't know, others said they new, but kept mum, while others said, they do the same in Arabic. But in UAE, of course anything goes, and one day, this might mean in like those Africans in Mexico, who once ruled, our own Locals will be no more.


B.D. said...

I'm not a fan of Scientology, but admittedly don't know much about it. Even if it is considered objectionable by some, why not let people decide for themselves what they want to believe or follow, as long as they don't go around harming others.

I don't see why Scientology books should be kept out of a book fair. Why not instead focus on educating people to be analytical and critical thinkers so they can decide for themselves what's a good read and what's rubbish?

I'd much prefer that than someone being so presumptuous as to think they can decide for me what I should or shouldn't read.

Anonymous said...

Scientology is based on preposterous claims - just like the Abrahamic and other religions. I'm with B.D. It's unreasonable to ban one work of fiction when there are so many others already out there.

J. Edward Tremlett said...

"Why not instead focus on educating people to be analytical and critical thinkers so they can decide for themselves what's a good read and what's rubbish?"

Probably because that would be really, really dangerous ;)

But for the record, I don't think banning Scientology is the answer. I think spreading information about how they really work, and what they really believe, is the best way to keep them from getting too powerful.

If all else fails, have that one South Park episode ready to show.

Dubai Jazz said...

^^ totally agree with B.D.

Also, I hope the UAE would do away with the list of banned books (Like thos of Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitches)

Rami said...

I agree with you both to a degree.

Information (and thus books) should never be banned, no matter how 'dangerous' the ideas within. If people want to read about the ideals of the Church of Scientology, they should definitely have that right.

The wider issue though is whether the UAE should tolerate the CoS's presence in the country at all.

I've been reading up on these guys for a while now, ever since a pair of them tried to convince me to join their church about ten years back. All my reading points towards the CoS being nothing more than a cult, and a dangerous one at that.

More info at xenu.net for anyone who is interested.

Lirun said...

what i dislike about scientology is the approach.. it feels so predatory.. i remember when i was in sydney australia being offered free movie tickets in the street by a "pusher" from the church.. and the movie was basically a scientology presentation.. i didnt even go in but thought wow what a bizarre way to recruit.. go get cinema buffs :) nice

and where i live now in israel they bought (funnily enough) the old alhambra cinema building across the road from my house.. and i cant help thinking wow id much prefer that to stay a real cinema that all could enjoy.. in the meantime they fund covert social endeavours that sound environmental but are literally door openers for conversion processes..

i cant even stop to entertain the ideas behind scientology when the method is so bizarre.. if someone feels that they hold the truth why would they require such trickery and manipulation of minds..

Mrs. Azucena said...

I am not saying ban the books, but I just get the creeps with them. Just like Father Divine and his suicide hotel.

Who needs this?

Mrs. Azucena said...

For suckky anons, well, the prophet Ibrahim is real and has monuments that billions have seen, felt, and touched. L. Ron Hubbard, no comparison.

Allah knows best.

Anonymous said...

Scientology is not the only one doing covert operations for recruiting more people. The Catholic church has survived on this for years...

They get into poor localities and make friends with people and then try to tell them their way is the best.

Check this report:


Systematically preaching to a poor guy his rituals are useless and the true way is to Christ is actually sickening.

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