10 May, 2010

14th May; Message of the Prophets (URDU) - A Talk By Sheikh Zafar Ul Hassan Madani

The Prophets of Allah (Peace be Upon them) are the greatest men that ever lived. They are the role models for humanity.

Their hearts were the purest, their minds were the wisest, and their deeds were the most righteous.
Next Friday 14th of May, we invite you to take a journey with Sheikh Zafar Ul Hasan Madani to relive the past and delve into the beauty of the one common message these great men shared (peace be upon them all)

This is a Fantastic opportunity for all English speaking muslims and non-muslims who understand URDU to grasp an indepth understanding from one of the finest scholars of our times, Sheikh Zafar Ul Hasan Madani.

Visit www.kalemah.org to learn more and to Register

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Anonymous said...

MashaAllah. Sheikh Zafar is one of UAE's greatest assests when it comes to Islamic knowledge.

I highly recommend all those who understand Urdu to attend the lecture.

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