22 May, 2010

Air India Express Dubai-Mangalore flight crash

Terrible news coming in from India that an Air India Express flight from Dubai to Mangalore has crashed this morning with nearly 160 deaths. It seems there's only a handful of survivors.

Gulf News has the details here.


Dubai Residents said...


USA said...

Too many air accidents occur these days. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Please see below what I just read on the topic over at Al-Emarati blog:

"This plane, carrying Indians who live and work here, means that 160 indians that clog up the roads, cause accidents, fail code inspections at Indian restaurants, speak like this guy, and are a general drag on the security of the UAE, wont be coming back. That is a very GOOD thing!

I can only pray that this happens every week!"


It just leaves me rather speechless. We all witness a tad too much racism here and we decide to live with it and take it as part of the deal. But this is way beyond.

Anonymous said...

And here is an earlier article this month on the Al Emarati blog.

They want to clear misconceptions by wishing death on expats they dont like

"Abdullah and Fahad, 26-year-old Emirati men who manage Al Emarati, a blog on life in the UAE, publish their posts in English because they want to change the misconceptions that many westerners and expatriates have about the UAE"

Anonymous said...

Awww, that fellow (or the duo) thrives on attention - have you seen little children use swear words so that grown ups pay attention to them, even if it is to yell?

Usually, one refers sends them back to their moms who wash their mouths with soap or some such - just sayin'.

He is only desperate for attention. Let him be.

Anonymous said...

He is just a sad loser.

Obviously he has no say in who comes to his country and who gets a visa.

So he's reduced to writing hate blogs. The more traffic he gets, the better it is for him and his pathetic venture.

Anonymous said...

the post seems to have been deleted, which I think is quite the right thing to do

Emiratweet said...

Our condolences to the family of who passed away in the Mangalore plane crash. May God rest there soul in peace. We would like to express our grief & would like to mourn to all those who have lost their lives in this tragic incident.i pray that god gives the family members the courage & strength to face such a moment in their life.


BuJ said...

very sad news, but gladly now the Abit virus is gone.. hope it stays that way.

BuJ said...

btw, i wish Gulf News reads what is written in al-emarati.com before they decide to publicise such a nutcase...


Thank you Gulf News.

Kyle said...

As usual, this is brilliant journalism by Gulf News!

It seems like they're not aware of the 404 (Google) error or that they've simply not bothered to check facts before making a fool of themselves while slamming the publish button.

BuJ said...

oh Kyle. this is an old article by Gulfnews.. but the racist outpour is even older!

Kyle said...


Thank you for the clarification.

Yeah, I've been following the slurs at your blog as well as others from the sidelines. I'm totally at a loss for words after reading the massive barrage of the 'f-word' at your blog. But it appears you handled that quite well. Bravo.

Media Junkie said...

Thank goodness Google saw reason and decided to end the madness.

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