19 May, 2010

Sex and the City banned in the UAE

Best news of 2010: Sex and the City 2 banned in UAE


Kyle said...

Good riddance. I never really liked that dumb sitcom or for that matter, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Dave said...

Error 404. Broken link to the article.

Anon said...

The link is removed.

Brn said...

The Gulf News article seems to have disappeared, but the same news is reported in some other locations. Ahlan Live and TimeOut Dubai quote the National Media Council's website and a NMC senior spokesman, respectively, with identical quotes.

Incidently, is this the web site of the NMC? If so, is it down for everyone or just me? Is it an out of the country thing?

Tainted Female said...

Wish they'd ban it from here as well.

the real nick said...

@ Kyle,
The series and the movie may be abominable but knuckle-dragging censorship is even more so. How strange of you to welcome censorship because of your personal dislikes.

Kyle said...


The essence of my comment was purely from a non-screening point of view. It had nothing to do with censorship. As for the c-ship in the UAE, do you think a daily joke is worth a debate?

~*♥ miss pink ♥*~ said...

Haha good riddance. As is, it's essentially about a bunch of women slutting around. Call me boring, but I don't enjoy such mindless junk.
Anyways, after a certain social networking website's recent stint about not removing a particular derogatory page/event/"cause" made to ridicule religion in the name of "free speech" in the States, I say, serves them right.
Ban away haha.

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