12 May, 2010

Kipp's finest hour

Kippreport.com, the local ‘copy + paste advertising generator’, sorry, that is ‘news aggregator website’, outdid themselves today with this headline: “Nick Clegg assumes office as UK Prime Minister…"
I nearly choked on my cereal. Could it be? Could it really be a mistake to consult local media before international newspapers? A cursory glance at the calendar confirmed that indeed it was not April 1st. It helps to keep a calendar on the breakfast table for the sole reason of double-checking local news rags: recent reports about Sharjah closing public parks in the mornings to prevent gardeners from ogling women and other inane announcements from authorities across the UAE keep giving me this Groundhog Day sensation of being trapped in a never ending loop of April fool’s day. Never a dull day in the sandlands...

Some time later the headline, and article, were corrected after I commented and pointed out the mistake. My comment of course does not show up. But – no need to worry, Kipp - I saved a screenshot of the original headline:


a question of a question said...

lol Nick; we can trust u to save evidence of somebody else's misery/f**k-up

Paraglider said...

Nicely captured!

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