11 May, 2010

iPad - The New Gadget in Town

The official launch of the iPad in the UAE seems to be set at the end of this month, but the ultra cool gadget is everywhere in the market. Being an Apple fan myself I couldn't resist waiting and got my own 64 GB Wifi edition early on.

I must say that I'm very impressed, not only the technology works, but all the services around the device also work incredibility well. Whether it is the mail exchange, MobileMe or the productivity apps that you can buy.

I used to love my Kindle, but even my kindle books look better on the iPad. The iBook are just awesome, more importantly most of the magazine I used to buy are now available digitally, so I get them as soon as they are published, and I have become more eco friendly over night.

You will need a US account to get the most out of the iPad until the UAE App store officially supports the device. However, most of the apps are currently available in UAE app store, so your not stuck with expensive paper weight until the launch.

Here are some of the Apps I have installed:

  • Keynote: PowerPoint alternative for the Apple platform. Brilliant.
  • Numbers: Excellent Excel alternative.
  • Pages: Word alternative.
  • LogMeIn: Access your laptop/PC from your iPad
  • OmniGraffle: Create business graphs, mind maps
  • iThoughts HD: Mind mapping
  • Twetteriffic: Great Twitter Client
  • Evernote: A must for everyone, makes it easy to collect notes and thoughts.
  • GoodReader: Multi purpose file reader
  • Things: A great To-Do list and project app
  • Newsrack: Read and easily share your RSS feeds
  • Kindle: All of your Amazon books on your iPad
  • iBook: Gorgeous looking books on your iPad.
  • Instapaper: Save web pages for late reading.
  • SketchBook: Lovely art app
  • Magic Piano: Create beautiful Music
  • GrooveMaker: another music sequencer
  • Photogene: Photoshop for the iPad.
  • Star Walk: A simply amazing app for star gazers
I will do a separate post for the games, and boy there are some amazing stuff out there already.

From the first screen shot you can see that I have also jail broken my iPad. You can also jailbreak your iPad in almost 3 seconds by following the instructions here. I mainly JB'ed so I can multi task, which is something you will be able to do in the official Apple release of OS 4.0.

I also JB'ed my iPhone to use MyFi, which is like carrying around your own personal WiFi connection, which I then use to connect my iPad to the net where ever I am.

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Kyle said...

Unless the App Store is fully up & running for this region, this device running a modified iPhone 3GS software is just an oversized iPod Touch. Besides, why should I sign-in to my US account to access the App Store or iTunes when I'm stationed in the UAE.

Apple, Jobs & Co. really screwed up this product's potential with a hasty launch.

Thanks but no thanks, I think I'll wait for the next gen device this coming July.

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