11 May, 2010

Xero Error

If you haven't heard about Xero Error Minus1 Levity over the past couple of months, you must have been in e-hiding. The 7-minute short film by Dubai-based CGI film maker Ashraj Ghori, premiered at the Gulf Film Festival and is now on its way to Cannes where it has a chance of getting the coveted Palm d'Or. Created entirely by local talent (graphics, script, voice, acting and sountrack), the film was also built on a pretty much Xero Budget.

If you didn't catch the GFF preview or the special showing at GeekFest, you can at least watch the trailer here and, in the process, show some support for something good coming out of Dubai and, it is hoped, showing the world that stuff can actually be created here that is world class and represents world class talent.

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