05 September, 2007


-----Original Message-----
From: help@emirates.net.ae [mailto:help@emirates.net.ae]
Sent: 05 September 2007 XX:XX
Subject: Information about case 30XXXXX, 'Please unblock Facebook'

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting us, we are extremely sorry for the fact that the site you have requested ( www.facebook.com ) can not be unblocked.

Reason : Dating Website.

Once again we thank you for contacting us with your query and looking forward to serving you in the future. For any further clarification please contact Etisalat Customer Care Center.

Best regards,

Etisalat Customer Care Center
Tel: 101 (toll-free)

Serving you 24 hours, 7 days a week

------ End of Forwarded Message

Strangely enough, facebook is currently working this evening.


Ahsan Ali said...

Could it be a standard reply to all unblocking requests ?

I know I still haven't gotten a reply to my request to unblock a certain _part_ of last.fm

Anonymous said...


That report from 7DAys says otherwise..!

Ahsan Ali said...

quote from that 7days article:

due to "some changes to software on the site which have made accessing it all but impossible"

What BS !

Anonymous said...


it is completely against Islam values and morals! etisalat shuld block it. Allahu Akbar! Allah is angry with all you infidels who are on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

If facebook should be blocked, then why don't they scramble Arabic channels ? you see people send text messages and seek for sex.

Drop the bullshit and look at yourselves(muslims) before judging infidels.

Anonymous said...

FACEBOOK H8R, you must be one ignorant dumb ass to link a networking post to religion.

Where do you live in the empty quarter?

Anonymous said...

facebook will be blocked to preserve the values of islam

Anonymous said...

we gotta preserve facebook from ppl like u.
sorry, im not being the republican i usually am.

i*maginate said...

I have a feeling "facebook H8r" is insincere in their opinion - deliberately stirring things up...

As for you, anon 10:13 what kind of "ignorant dumb ass" are you to link religion to the "empty quarter"?

This was facebook h8r's intention: to get feelings stirred...and look what kind of "ignorant" comment you came up with. tut tut.

Anonymous said...

thanx god I am not in this headace, i am using a host software . in the work I don't have that but rearly too use the web, when I open youtube or some unporny I'll see the creepy block screen!
wt a dump ass people!

Anonymous said...

I agree with i*maginate. Facebook guy is a joker...nothing unislamic about being on facebook.. what people do there is their own actions.

Anonymous said...

@i*margarine and the rest of you infidels and unbelievers.

I have contacted the TRA requesting them to block the bad website. below is a copy of the email sent to them on Sept 6.

From: "*********@emirates.net.ae
Sent: 6-Sep-2007 21:44:11 +0400
To: info@tra.ae
Subject: Block a website Subject
Please block the website http://www.facebook.com. It is an adult dating site as any out there; with such blatant behaviour on the website, I am appaled that the TRA had taken absolutely NO action whatsoever to block such an offensive and morally corrupt website that completely goes against Islamic values.

I refer your attention to the following article written and published by TimeOut Dubai titled "getting the message"

After all that; coverage by the local media, why do you still not block this website? How can you let such behaviour continue and not do anything about it? You've blocked Orkut fairly quickly (thank you for that by the way), Facebook is twice as bad as Orkut was, yet it still remains unblocked! Is it because it's popular? So is mySpace and many other dating and social network websites which go against Islamic values of this country, or have we lost meaning of said values?

I appeal to your sense of decency and the ability to do what's right. please, block this offensive website as soon as possible in order to make UAE a better country and preserve the values of this country. The values of a country that are slowly being wiped out by Western influence; don't let it happen. Act now, because you can stop this.

Thank you and Regards,


You still doubt I am not being sincere in my opinion, infidel? We shall see what the TRA will say.

Anonymous said...

even if they block orkut or facebook or whatever , its not a big deal to access these sites.. so chill out guys.. Let them do their work and we can continue to access the site...TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!!!!!!

To make UAE a better country and preserve the values of this country , we should first close all the pubs and bars and the prostitution.. then comes blocking the sites....

Anonymous said...

Well h8r, in case you forgot other means of common dating methods and cleanse infidels in UAE, you should inform TRA to ban phones / mobiles and other means of communications, as these are instruments for dating as well !!!
BTW, h8r, you should contact Dubai Tourism Board to close down all the night clubs and pubs as well, as 'live dating' takes place there. Take a walk mate ...

Tim Newman said...

WTF?! Is dating banned in the UAE?

Ammaro said...

facebook was blocked in UAE? Oh maaaaaaaaan... its starting to get ridiculous there... how about now, is it unblocked, or did they block it again?

Anonymous said...

Facebook H8R - chill out, have a bear, smoke a spliff, surf some facebook and let those frustrations just subside..ahhhh.........

You don't know what your missing out on buddy. This god stuff is overated and he don't want to do half the shit the crazy loon ass stuff in the first place. Someone made it all up when they were bored (before facebook was around).

Anonymous said...

what i dont understand is that facebook hater describes the blocking of fb to be implimented to preserve islamic tradition and values, ok fare enough, but dont u think that people should be able to choose for themselves? if uae nationals are using fb as a dating site, forcing them out of this option isnt preserving the uae values what so ever. if this is the mentality of the people in question, blocking fb will just lead these people to achive the same goal through other means.

im pissed off about the ban as ive lived in many countries over the years and use fb as a social tool to keep in touch with my many friends and family members accross the globe.

the ban is total bullshit and has no justified reason for being in effect

Anonymous said...

Honestly, the insanity that prevails in this Country astounds me! If people have to be forced by law to be religious then I really doubt that it is the kind of religion any god would respect or listen to. The most ridiculous fact about facebook was the amount of sleezy men desperately trying to contact women, and each and every one of those harrassers had Muslim stated as their religion.
Maybe they should open internet cafes with licences (Like the liquor licence) so us sane people who are mature enough to make our own decisions about the websites we access can enter and get on with staying in touch with our friends and family while we support this Country through our labour!

Anonymous said...

Blocking websites because you don't agree with them isn't going to stop people doing what they want to do - making anything more difficult to achieve will just lead to people hiding what they do - it wont stop it.. to FBH8R - protect religion by showing the right example, practising faith every day all day, not by penalising the innocents who just want to talk with their friends and family - or do you want the Taleban to rule the UAE & prevent women from being educated?

Anonymous said...

Dubai - multicultural!! MY FRIGIN arse!!! How about contradictive! Dubai - modern! Ha what a joke. We respect and obide by far to many laws in this country and we are not shown the same respect in the countries we are from... This country is just full of double standards!!! You just keep taking the freedom away and making more and more people despise this country that is so callled "modern" and "multicultural" perhaps they need to be looked up in the dictionary!!! Or is the dictionary censored as well (wouldn't surprise me). For christ sakes let facebook return, for once people were actually having fun here!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god facebook h8er, do you travel the world....? Obviously not! On that note I suggest you take a holiday!!!?
Funny how most of the people on face book were sleazy locals who quite clearly stated their religion as "muslim"!
This place is a joke! Ps you idiot, yet another way I and many others are now unable to keep in contact with their friends and family!!! I hope you feel special and cleansed - fool!

Anonymous said...

Could anybody please tell me how to access facebook? Is there really a way to get around this blocked site?

Anonymous said...

I am a parent and i think facebook should be blocked. Its a complete waste of time i have a son who is 14years old and has been failing in his monthly tests, but he doesnt seem to care. So i think it shoild be blocked.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

blocking people from any website is bs. Who do they think they are Big Brother.And Facebook puts blocks on people for what ever reason they want. Bunch of screw ups.

Anonymous said...

It will b ages and ages until u people could undertand freedom, which is the main essence of CIVILZATION!!!
its not huge towers,

for all those who think FACEBOOK or anything should b blocked , y not just not access it..
or rather lock urself in a tower so no one can see



Anonymous said...

Facebook is NOT a dating website! i found my long lost aunt & cousins there. you can't imagine how many far away family members i was able to reach. facebook is the only way i can keep in contact with them. etisalat can block the dating applications, but please keep the website. i miss my family.

Anonymous said...

I am soo amused by these comments.....sum1 actually thinks deyr kids failin bcoz of facebook????.....im in university....in architecture....n bcoz of hectic work schedules, da only way ppl in da school of archi n myself keep in touch wid frnds is thru facebuk.....jeez....if ur kid fails its coz hes stupid....
facebuk users rnt infidels....facebookH8r dude seems xtremely sexually frustrated n really needs 2 get sum....

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